Falling off the wagon and getting right back on again.


I fell off the wagon today. And it tasted like gluten free lemon wafers. (Otherwise known as my own personal brand of kryptonite.)

I’m not even really sure what happened. One minutes I was poking around the cupboards for a snack and the next minute I polished off the half-eaten box. Oops.

Does this mean my 21-Day Sugar Detox is over and ruined? No. It just means there was a slight detour.

Am I bummed that I let the sugar demon get the best of me? Of course!! I’m crazy pissed off at myself right now! Yesterday was a storm of stress for me and I ate clean throughout the entire tornado. And here I am today, relaxed as can be, yet I totally succumbed to a box of tiny little lemon wafers. You bet your ass I’m pissed. (Why else would I be publicly outing myself on this post?)

But, I know that no one’s perfect (most definitely not me). And I still have the choice to continue or quit. So I choose to continue.

Because it’s better to try something great with bumps and bruises along the way, than to never have tried at all.

And I can't let this one 10 minute folly overshadow the greatness of the past week. I've been eating clean, feeling great, sleeping like a baby, and dealing with a pretty stressful house-hunting week like a champ. I attribute all of those positives to removing sugar from my diet so I'm not going to let one little mess-up ruin all that good.

So what’s next?

Well, here I am, being accountable to you. Taking ownership of my actions and moving forward. I’m going to get right back on the 21DSD wagon. Just because I fell off doesn’t mean I can’t jump back on and complete my detox.

I know it’s worth it. I know I’m worth it. And I want to do it.

Have you been thinking about starting your own 21-Day Sugar Detox, but are afraid it’s too hard or that you’ll fail? Well, I call bullshit. It’s only as hard as you make it and you’ll only fail by never trying in the first place and letting sugar win by default.

I’m here to help coach you through this process. Use me! Comment below with any questions or concerns you might have about cutting sugar out of your life for 21 days.

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