Reflections and gratitude...


Well, it's Tuesday again. Happy Positive Tuesday!

You may have heard me talk about Positive Tuesday before, or seen my weekly Instagram photos trying to bring more positivity to social media, but after the events of these past few weeks I wanted to clarify something.

I want to let you know what Positive Tuesday isn't.

Positive Tuesday is NOT wearing rose colored glasses.
Positive Tuesday is NOT always seeing the glass half-full.
Positive Tuesday is NOT ignoring when life throws us the really nasty shit.

Here's what Positive Tuesday IS about...

Positive Tuesday IS about having gratitude for the good things in our lives, EVEN when life throws us the really nasty shit.

So today I'd like to be publicly grateful. Grateful for my safety and my health. Grateful for my friends and loved ones. Grateful for a roof over my head and a business I love. Grateful for a body that continues to move, grow, and heal despite the rough road I sometimes navigate it through. Grateful for a community with a strong voice that stands up to injustice.

Positive Tuesday is about being kind to one another.

Positive Tuesday is a constant reminder to try to be better humans this week than we were the week before.

This week, when you gather around the Thanksgiving table, I'd love it if you dug deep inside yourself and reflected out what you're grateful for this past year. Feel free to share that gratitude publicly here as well.

  My Five-Minute Journal is my favorite place to list what I'm grateful for at the start of each day.

My Five-Minute Journal is my favorite place to list what I'm grateful for at the start of each day.

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