The key to a successful sugar detox is preparation.


Tomorrow I’m kicking off another 21-Day Sugar Detox. Between the stress of buying a house, moving, and living in a construction zone for the last month (I’ll never take a working shower for granted again) my diet has been anything but clean. Swap out my regular home-cooked meals for gluten free junk food (think GF pizza, GF bagels, and lots of take-out) and you can get an idea of what my dinner plate has looked like for the last few week. It’s no wonder I’m not feeling my best and am ready to clean up my diet and get back to a normal routine.

Since this ain’t my first rodeo, I know that I need a lot of sugar detox compliant food ready at my fingertips from the get go. The easiest way for me to fall off the wagon is to find myself hungry, tired, and unprepared. So yesterday I spent just two hours buying and preparing food, and now I’m ready to eat my way through the whole damn week.

Wanna know how I did it?

The buying part:
I love to buy in bulk so that I don’t have to run to the store as often. I’m not a big fan of grocery stores in general - the parking lots suck, I feel like I need a winter jacket just to walk through the produce section, and I’m a sucker for sales - leaving me buying way more than I actually need. If and when we get a chest freezer for our basement, you can bet that I'll be bulk-buying a quarter of a cow for some serious nose-to-tail meals.

But alas, no deep freeze yet, so instead we went to the next best thing - Costco. So, with list in hand, we actually got in and out of there in record time. I stocked up on antibiotic-free chicken, organic ground beef, detox-compliant Italian sausage, and 2 dozen eggs while amazingly averting my eyes from my favorite gluten-free brand of frozen pizza. SUCCESS!

(I’ll often find great deals on organic produce here as well, but since we’ve been getting our veggies through a Driftless Organics CSA share this summer, our fridge was already stocked to the gills with fresh produce.)

The cooking part:
Once home, I got to work on a big cook-up. I pre-heated the oven, started a huge frittata on the stove top, prepped a chicken and veggie bake, hard-boiled a half dozen eggs, fried up some sausages, prepped beef chili to cook in the crock-pot overnight tonight, and used my trusty spiral slicer to make a big batch of yellow-squash zoodles for quick and easy use later in the week. All together this took a little over an hour.

Pro-tip: Once the oven is up to temp - cook as much as you can! No sense in heating up your oven (and your kitchen) more often than you need to. Also, prep several quick and easy dishes while your main dishes are baking. I hard boiled these eggs for snacks or egg-salad later in the week, made a big batch of zoodles, and prepped the chili while the frittata and and chicken baked.

Lucia had already been over earlier in the morning and we had made a batch of my “one-minute-mayo” in the immersion blender. Now making tuna or egg salad for lunches will be easy, quick, and nutritious.

In total, yesterday I made:
1-min paleo mayo
7 hard boiled eggs
A boatload of yellow-squash zoodles
4 pan sautéed Italian sausage links
6 servings worth of breakfast sausage and veggie frittata
4 servings of baked chicken thighs with roasted veggies
6 servings of paleo beef chili

Between all the food listed above plus the snacks I have ready for this week (my faves are cut up veggie sticks, pre-packaged chestnutssnack-size olive packs, and seaweed snacks) I know I’ll have no trouble knocking out the first week of my sugar detox.

The key to success is preparation so I’m glad I took a couple hours out of my day today to get in the sugar detox mindset and set myself up for success with an overflowing fridge.

Have you cut sugar or other processed foods from your diet? Leave a comment and tell me what worked (or didn't work) for you!

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