How I Fuel My Hustle


I’ve been hustling lately.

Both my life hustle and my work hustle have been full speed ahead lately.

  • I just got married and am in full-on honeymoon phase with my boo - going on mini-vacays almost every other weekend.
  • I’ve been working on my first e-course based on how to use the five elements of Chinese medicine to boost your energy and fuel your own hustle. (I am seriously so excited about how awesome this is going to be!)
  • I've cut back at my acupuncture practice so now the few days I'm at the clinic are fully booked with back-to-back patients.
  • I'm spending more and more time working with private health coaching clients over the phone.
  • Plus, I'm writing blog posts like this one, reading books related to my field, and being interviewed on some super fun podcast episodes. (I promise to share them with y'all once they’re released.)

So yeah, to say I've been hustling lately is probably a bit of an understatement. For a while I let myself run full speed ahead. I was about to get married, my business was growing by leaps and bounds, summer was around the corner, and I wanted it all. But you can’t run a train full speed ahead for very long without running out of fuel.

And I am no exception to the rule. I knew that if I wanted to keep this crazy train running (cue a little headbanging Ozzy), I had to take some of the tools I give my clients and incorporate them into my own life as well.

You can’t run a train full speed ahead for very long without running out of fuel. [TWEET THIS!]

So today I’m going to share with you how I fuel my hustle.

Before I continue, here's a disclaimer: I'm a unique human being. (Guess what? You are too!) And just because these things have worked for me, doesn’t always mean they’ll work for you. (Honestly, it doesn't even mean they’ll always work for me as I continue to grow and change.)  

As curious beings we’re constantly wanting to hear other people's stories of what worked for them, hoping that this new piece of information will be the missing link to our health/business/relationship/life. My intention in sharing this information with you is to get you curious about how you can best serve your body and your business, so you can fuel your hustle too.

So how do I fuel my hustle? In it’s most simplistic form, I prioritize what I consider the three pillars of health: mindset, meals, and movement.


This part is huge for me. I know that my thoughts create my reality, so I’m constantly reframing how I think about my health and my business in order for them to work for me, not against me.

I do this in a couple different ways. First off, I use Brooke Castillo’s self-coaching model whenever I’m feeling overly stressed, anxious, or stagnant. It immediately helps me uncover the underlying thought that’s creating that reality - making it so much easier to re-frame and shift. If you haven't heard of Brooke or her self-coaching model yet - stop what you're doing right now and download her free e-book here.

Using this model has made a huge change not only in my business, but in my health. I stopped feeling sorry for myself for having an autoimmune disease long ago. I realized that having that “poor me” mentality was keeping me sick, small, and dependent on doctors and drugs.

Now, when I have a hard day with my health, I’m both able to both look at those symptoms with a curious eye and give my body the grace and love it needs instead of the shame and criticism that never benefits it.

The other thing I do regularly to get in the right mindset for a hustle-filled life is to follow a daily morning routine. Subsequently enough, my morning routine also focuses on the other two pillars, meals and movement.

Meals and Movement:

I never thought I was the type of person who thrived on routines. I had a tendency to start a new routine and be gung-ho about it for a few months and then fall off the wagon before starting all over. I want to love routines - I really do. But I secretly believe that routines tend to pigeonhole me when in reality, I'm continually learning, changing and adapting to my current situation and goals.

That being said, my current morning routine has stuck around for almost a year now and I honestly believe that this routine has more to do with fueling my hustle successfully more than almost anything else I do. It gets me up and motivated to sail through the rest of my day with energy and ease.

My morning routine:

Wake up early. Sometimes this involves an alarm clock, but sometimes it doesn’t. In the winter months when it’s still dark at 6am, I use an alarm clock. But in the summer months I tend to wake up with the morning light. (Perks of being self-employed, right?)

Go downstairs and make myself a mug of my special herbal “coffee.” I used to drink coffee like it was going out of style, but then it turned out to be a huge trigger for the Crohn’s disease symptoms, so I cut it out of my life years ago. Now, I make a custom gut-healing concoction using this awesome herbal decaf coffee alternative, collagen powder, and some fiber.

The herbal coffee alternative is called Dandy Blend. It’s an instant herbal beverage made from roasted chicory and dandelion, mixes instantly with water, and tastes strangely like coffee. There are lots of coffee substitutes out there (like these), but Dandy Blend is far and away my favorite.

I mix it with this collagen powder and this acacia fiber every morning both as a ritual and as my daily digestive tonic. Collagen is super healing for the lining of the gut and the acacia fiber doubles as a great way to keep everything regular and to feed the healthy bacteria in my gut since it’s a prebiotic fiber. This blend of powders has seriously been my saving grace when it comes to my digestive health, and I never go a day without it. I’ll even pre-mix a batch in a mason jar and take it with on camping trips or vacations.

Take time to chill. While I’m drinking my beloved elixir of life, I try to avoid getting sucked into my phone or email and usually end up listening to public radio, or meditating for a bit on my back porch.

Next up, exercise. This looks different every day for me. Three days a week I’ll go to the gym and lift weights as part of my training for my first competitive meet in September. Other days I’ll go for a 45-60 min walk or jog in my neighborhood. If I’m seeing patients at my acupuncture clinic early in the morning I’ll take 20-30 minutes to ride my bike downtown to my office.

I don’t try to over complicate my morning routine and I allow myself flexibility. When it comes to exercise, each day looks a little different and that’s exactly why it works for me. I don’t feel guilty if I miss a day at the gym or if the weather is bad and I don’t want to go for a walk. I go with the flow and move my body whatever way it’s craving at that time. For me, having a routine isn’t about creating rules to live by - it’s about creating a structure and system that makes my mornings as decision free as possible.

You can see how my morning routine incorporates both gut-healing foods (meals) and healthy activity (movement) straight away at the start of my day. That's because they’re a key part of having the needed to keep my hustle going.

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For me, having a routine isn’t about creating rules to live by - it’s about creating a structure and system that makes my mornings as decision free as possible. [TWEET THIS!]

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