A Roundup of My Favorite Natural Health Podcasts

Looking for a good natural health related podcast? I've got you covered with this roundup.

One of the things I get asked about all the time is health related podcasts. You might already know this, but I’m a total podcast junkie. (Not only have I been guest-interviewed on several podcasts, but I even started Health Fuels Hustle, my own health podcast for creatives last year!) One of my very favorite things to do in the warm weather is put on my walking shoes, pop in my earbuds, and go for a long walk with various episodes keeping me company along the way.

Now, while some of my all-time faves have nothing to do with health or natural wellness, I’ve also found several tried-and-true series which share accurate, insightful, and natural health information. These are the podcasts I share with my clients when they want to dive deeper into specific natural health topics.

Looking for a good natural health related podcast? I’ve got you covered with this roundup.(Tweet this!)

My favorite healthy podcasts:

Healthy Living with Angela Busby

This is one of my most recent health-related favorites. Angela Busby is a ND (naturopathic doctor) living and working in Australia. I love this podcast because she’s incredible at taking complex medical themes and concepts and breaking them down into easy to understand language. (The Aussie accent is appreciated too). She covers everything from how to check for hormonal imbalances to what iridology (the study of eyes) tells you about your health. Overall, this podcast is highly recommended.


Found my Fitness

If you’re a science nerd this podcast is for you! The host, Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in biomedical science and has put together one of the best researched health podcasts out there. She never glosses over any topic (some of her episodes have 20-page reports that accompany them!) and she isn’t afraid to use detailed scientific terminology to help us understand our biology in order to help us improve our preventative wellness.




This podcast marries together two of my favorite things: fitness and food. It’s hosted by two of the people behind the awesome Solcana Fitness center. (Full disclosure, this is the gym I belong to and I think it’s the bee’s knees. But enough of my bias, this podcast is genuinely great and informative.) If you like talking deadlifts and donuts, fats and fascia, gluten and glutes, or are just a sucker for fitness, food, and alliteration, this podcast is not to be missed. Lucia is a nutritional therapy practitioner and Hannah is the co-owner and head coach at the gym. They’re both so passionate about breaking down the myths that surround fitness and food and making it accessible to everyone. I’ve even had the honor of being guest-interviewed by these fine folks and had a blast hanging out with them for an hour. (You can find all of my guest podcast interviews here.)


Rise and Resist

This podcast is in a lot of ways similar to Solcanacast, but with a vegan punk slant to it. Hosted by two #strongAF women that are part of the west coast vegan punk scene. They both openly talk about living with and rising up from body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and gender oppression and how they’ve both taken their experiences and used them as fuel to create safe, body positive lifting spaces for all people. This podcast is real, raw, and honest. Check it out if you’ve been wanting to listen to a podcast that defies all the norms.


Sean Croxton’s underground wellness radio

Even though Sean Croxton is no longer recording new episodes for this podcast, it’s still one of my favorite health podcasts out there. Plus, there’s a slew of back episodes in the library to catch up on (I’m talking almost 300). Sean is one of the best interviewers out there in the podcast world. He does a ton of research before every interview, keeps the conversation engaging, and isn’t afraid to ask the guest tough questions. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.



Radio Headspace

Did you know everyone's favorite mediation app has a podcast?! (Well, technically it’s had, since it’s no longer in production. But there are a ton of archived episodes that you can still explore.) While this podcast isn’t hosted using the soothing voice of Andy Puddicombe, he does make guest appearances here and there through the regular exploration on how meditation and mindfulness can better our lives.



Revolution Health Radio

Chris Kresser, L.Ac. is one of the top ancestral-health voices out there on the internet right now. Not only does he thoroughly research any pertinent information before each episode, but he also brings to each conversation his years of clinical experience working to treat patients with the most difficult cases. As an acupuncturist myself, I love how he blends his background in Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern science and functional medicine. 



Balanced Bites

This paleo-based nutrition podcast has been on the internet airwaves longer than most. I’ve been listening since 2013 and when I checked, it looked like there are over 200 episodes in their archives! This podcast is super conversational but also super informative. Both hosts, Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe, are New York Times best-selling authors on books related to whole food nutrition. This podcast is fun and lighthearted but often sheds light on where the root of most disease stems from - our gut. If you’ve ever wondered how your diet might be affecting any current ailment, check out their archive categorized by topic. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for there. 


Health Fuels Hustle

Do you really think I’d give you a roundup of my favorite podcasts without including my own? The second season of Health Fuels Hustle, my health podcast for creatives, goes live this week and I’ll be talking self-care for the entire second season. This season we’re going to tackle the whats, hows, and whys behind self-care, and I’ll be helping you rethink your own self-care strategy over the course of the next six-weeks.



If you’re ready to commit to your self-care this month, join us as we complete a self-care challenge for creatives this February: #28daysofcreative care.

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