So you think you can't meditate?


Have y'all heard about periscope yet? It's a pretty new social media platform where you can broadcast live video and actually interact with your viewers!

Yeah, I know, you might be thinking, "Not another social media platform!" 😩😖😴 Trust me. That's what I thought at first too. But, I gotta say, for someone who doesn't describe herself as very tech-savvy, Periscope is my new favorite way to share all that health expertise floating around in my brain!

I've enlisted some tech savvy friends to help me share my favorite broadcasts each week here on the blog. So get excited to watch me fumble though live video - and drop some knowledge along the way!

Today's Periscope rebroadcast is about what I have to say to folks that say they can't meditate.

Watch it and let me know what your thoughts on meditation are!

There's no one RIGHT way to meditate. Anyone can do it their own way. [Tweet this!]

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give meditation a try? (Or for those of you already totally entrenched in the meditation camp - are you ready to bring all your friends and family on board?)

If you answered yes - sign up to get 3 free mini-meditations below! They're all crazy quick - the longest clocks in at just around 5 minutes, and the shortest is a mere 90 seconds!!

If you're the person that's always saying "I've thought about meditating, but I just don't have the time," then I made these with YOU in mind.