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This is part of a series of interviews I'm doing with creative entrepreneurs who I find inspiring. I was curious to know how they incorporate healthy habits into their work + life blend. I figured you were probably curious too, so I'm taking one for the team and having great conversations with amazing bosses so I can share them here with you. (Hard work, right?!)

My intention with these interviews is to showcase bosses NOT in the health and wellness industry and shine a light on their habits and routines that help them stay healthy as busy bosses. Do you mind sharing a bit of your story with us and how that story influences your life and business?

I have been in education for over 16 years, and I have been transitioning into my business slowly for the past three years.  I will tell anyone that it is not an easy road to travel, but with the help of a transition plan and scheduling everything - even the time I spend with my husband - is vital.  I have always worked hard.  When I was in college I worked part time and went to school full time.  I went back to school to get my teacher's certification while working full time, then after being married for four years I went back to school to get my Master Degree.  However, in the middle of getting my masters I hit a big snag.  My chest started hurting... a lot.  I started losing confidence in myself and what I was doing.  Well after taking my brother's advice who is a rehabilitative/substance abuse counselor I made an appointment to see a therapist and found out that I had anxiety disorder.  "What the heck is that?"  I had never heard of such a thing.  But with the proper care and treatment I don't need to be dependent on medications so much. I have learned my limitations.  I try to stay away from things, people, and situations that are stress triggers for me.   I wrote out my business standards when I started my business, and now when something doesn't feel right, or my body starts to tense up over situations I have learned to walk away.  This isn't always easy to do, but with practice and prayer I am able to limit my interactions with undue stress.  I have also suffered from two head injuries, which results from severe migraines.  With a proper diet and an excellent neurologist I can manage pretty well except for when the weather changes. :)

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As you know, my tag line is health fuels hustle. Tell us how you prioritize your health so that you can be a video marketing specialist, content creator and editor, plus a voice over coach!

Everyday, before I leave my day job, I write out a to-do list of things that I have to do.  Then I schedule meetings with clients, business coach etc. when I have breaks.  I have a pretty flexible schedule that allows me to take on extra jobs during certain times of the year.  So if I want to do voiceover work I will look for jobs during the summer.  When it comes to me coaching female entrepreneurs to use video in their business to promote their brand.  I schedule time to meet with them that works with my schedule.  So for example, I will hold virtual workshops on Saturday mornings when I am off of work.  The end result I am still able to do my day job and my business on the side.  All of this fits around time for myself and with my family.  For example, Mondays when I am off of work is "my day"  My day to do nothing but rest.  If I am working then I have a spa evening.  This is the time to pamper and spoil myself.  Wednesday evening is date night for my husband and I.  I also try to go to bed around the same time every night.  Having this regular bedtime helps with migraines.

Are you the type of person who thrives on habits and routines? If so, what are your top habits that make you feel like a total boss?

I do like certain habits and routines that align with me staying sane and calm.  But I do like to be a little adventurous every now and again.  But one habit I love that makes me feel like a total boss is waking up and puttering around the house.  I like a slow quiet morning.  No fuss, no rush.  So if that means waking up early, sipping my favorite herbal tea, dancing around the house to music that motivates me to have a great start to my day.  It shall be.

I fully believe that indulging in less-than healthy-behaviors once in a while can be part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. What is your number one less-than-healthy indulgence?

Potato chips, dark chocolate, and popcorn with butter are my less-than-healthy indulgences, and not getting regular exercise like I should.

Are there any SaCola Lehr health tips that you want to spread the word about?

Listen to your body.  When you feel that something is not right with your body go to the doctor.  I told my doctor one time that I knew I had a fibroid cyst.  He asked me, "How do you know?  Are you having any pain?"  I told him, "No, I've just been craving sugar like crazy.  My mother used to crave sugar whenever she had a cyst."  He scoffed.  That's when I told him to do an ultrasound and find out.  Sure enough there that cyst was the size of a softball.  Listening to my body on more than one occasion has saved my life literally.

"Listening to my body on more than one occasion has saved my life literally." [Tweet This!]

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