Healthy Habits with Kathleen Shannon


This is the first in a series of interviews I'm doing with creative entrepreneurs who I find inspiring. I was curious to know how they incorporate healthy habits into their work + life blend. I figured you were probably curious too, so I'm taking one for the team and having great conversations with amazing bosses so I can share them here with you. (Hard work, right?!)

My intention with these interviews is to showcase bosses NOT in the health and wellness industry and shine a light on their habits and routines that help them stay healthy as busy bosses. So, tell us a little about yourself and what industry you're in?

Thanks for having me, Amy! I'm such a fan of you and your work and am honored to be here. So, my name is Kathleen Shannon. I own Braid Creative & Consulting with my sister and I co-host the Being Boss podcast (but it's so much more than just a podcast – it's turning into a full blown creative community with a vision of taking the world by storm) with my business bestie Emily Thompson.

My favorite part of my job is creating content about living the boss life – so whether that's a podcast, a newsletter, a blog post, or even a Periscope or Instagram snap – I'm obsessed with sharing how to blend the personal and professional, getting into the mindset that helps creatives "be boss", and having fun along the way.


People who listen to your podcast, Being Boss, are probably aware that you're atotal health nut. Have you always been into things like nutrition and weightlifting? How did that come about?

I've always been pretty sporty. In middle school I was always playing team sports (though, I totally sucked at team sports – I wish I had been aware of something like rock climbing or even swimming) and I was a big fan of pretending like I was a ninja in the woods by my house. I became a vegetarian when I was 15 – so I think that was the first time I started to consider that I could choose what I put into my body – and that choice could be rooted in what was best for my mind, heart, and body.

Getting to where I am now with understanding how food fuels my body and how my fitness supports my hustle has been a very long learning process. I feel like every year I'm learning or trying something new that I can integrate into my routine – whether that's my workout (one year I might be really into yoga and the next I might focus on boxing) or what I'm eating or experimenting with something new (from eating paleo to adding in new supplements or herbs).

As you know, my tag line is health fuels hustle. Tell us how you prioritize your health so that you can produce a bi-weekly podcast, weekly blog post, newsletter, and be creative director of a branding agency (Braid Creative), and write a book? (I'm seriously tired just typing all that.)

Right!? It is a lot and I'm not going to pretend as if it isn't. For me my health has almost become a hobby but when speaking with you recently you made an important distinction between health care and self-care. My workouts, cooking my meals, and hitting up the chiro or acupuncturist is health care. It's just a given. I schedule it into my calendar like any other appointment and I take it seriously. Now, self-care is another thing that I'm just starting to really dip my toe into and the struggle is real. Carving out time for journaling, going on long walks, and simply having white space to quietly chill is tricky. Like, when can I hustle if all my time is spent recharging!?

I'm pretty sure you're the type of person who thrives on habits and routines? Yes? If so, what are your top habits that make you feel like a total boss?

To be honest, my habits and routines don't make me necessarily feel boss. They're simply how I AM boss. [TWEET THIS!]

These days I keep it pretty simple by creating or respecting systems and processes that get the work done. I think of my habits and routines more as a weekly rhythm of recording, writing, meeting, cooking, unwinding, sleeping, waking, etc.

Here are some really simple rituals and routines that keep me grounded:

  • Cuddling with my son for 15 minutes every morning – whether that's in bed or on the couch while he watches cartoons
  • Making a big batch of bone broth on Sundays and sipping on it throughout the week
  • Adding collagen to my tea before bedtime (Here's the collagen both Kathleen and I use!)
  • Bullet-journaling (this is a new habit that I'm loving)
  • Working out daily

I fully believe that indulging in less-than healthy-behaviors once in a while can be part of a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. What is your number one less-than-healthy indulgence?

I want to say dark chocolate (daily!), or a glass of red wine, or even a donut on the weekend with my family but I don't necessarily feel like those are indulgences. Those are conscious choices that add some social benefits to my life. So I think when I really dig deep my number one less-than-healthy indulgence is probably perusing Instagram for an hour at a time.

Are there any Kathleen Shannon health tips that you want to spread the word about?

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is that a healthy relationships (with your partner, your friends, and your community) are so important to living a healthy life. I think the emotional side of health is often overlooked but you are who you surround yourself with! [TWEET THIS!]

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