S3E1 - Health Fuels Hustle with Lacy Davis from Liberation Barbell


Lacy J. Davis is a power and olympic lifting coach, nutritionist, blogger (Super Strength Health) and Podcaster (Flex Your Heart Radio and Adult Crash). Her work is rooted in lifting weights as a way to reclaim the body and turn your nose up at diet culture, feminist ideals, and eating disorder recovery. Her graphic novel memoir, Ink and Water, is due out Autumn 2017, and she is in the process of opening up her own body and gender affirming gym, Liberation Barbell.


  • Lacy’s entrepreneurial + health background
  • The importance of protecting your own energy + creating boundaries in your business
  • How a business partner can aid in your self-care
  • How weightlifting can improve your body image perception
  • Self-care during times of hustle
  • Balancing creating + getting out and living
  • Taking vacation/time off and making it work in your business


"As a sensitive person, you’re more likely to burn out." [click to tweet]

"Feeling feelings is so simple, but it’s can be really challenging to just let it happen." [click to tweet]

"There’s nothing that’s going to burn you out faster than being overworked." [click to tweet]



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