S3E2 - Feeding and Moving Your Body with Low, the Pickle Witch


Low is a cat-loving, bike-riding, pickle-making resident of Minneapolis. They are a part of a great group of women, trans, femme folks who have been organizing a rad bike community called Grease Rag for almost eight years. They work at a bike advocacy non-profit because they really care about people feeling comfortable and safe as they bike and walk around the city. 


  • Low’s background
  • Self-care as a consumerist movement vs. self-care as a political act
  • Community as a form of self-care
  • Preparing food as a way of self-care, meditation, and form of expressing love
  • Identifying as and defining what it means to be a “witch”
  • Movement—specifically biking—as a form of self-care and moving meditation
  • Self-care with anxiety and depression
  • Tips for getting into riding bikes


“Self-love can be a political act because you’re resisting that message of ‘you are not enough.’” [click to tweet]

“The most radical, most political thing you can do is love yourself and lift the people around you.” [click to tweet]

“Sometimes self-care is just accepting anxiety and depression and letting yourself be in that state.” [click to tweet]



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