S4E11 - An Interview with Tess Giberson


Today's guest, Tess Giberson, is one of those people I heard on another podcast and just knew that I had to be friends with them. Tess is a non-binary city witch, retired sex worker, zinester, and folk tarot reader who uses tarot as a spiralic, revolutionary tool to heal the collective. In this episode, we're talking about self-care and community care through tarot, using Patreon as a way to make services more accessible and anti-capitalist, and using your available resources to create offerings for your community.


  • Tess's journey to tarot

  • Noticing your emotional state as you approach the tarot

  • Balancing self-care and community care

  • Offering group offerings and group healing

  • Using Patreon as a tool to make healing more accessible

  • Working with what you have to be of service to your community

  • Embracing medication as part of self-care


"You need to put money in your emotional bank first before you take money out because otherwise your withdrawing on zero." [click to tweet]

"How we care for the community is symbolic of how we care for ourselves. Every act of love I do for myself is also then an act of love I do for someone else." [click to tweet]

Show notes:

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