S4E6 - An Interview with Jeff Hinshaw


Jeffrey Hinshaw, soul-centered astrologer and esoteric practitioner, joins me today. Jeff is the host of the weekly astrology podcast, Cosmic Cousins, and is the founder and facilitator of the well-renowned Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey—which is how we met and changed the course of my personal tarot journey. So we're talking about how tarot and astrology practices work alongside each other, reading an astrological birth chart for major events or projects, meditation, and health care practices that go against the norm.


  • Being a tarot-focused practitioner vs. being an astrology-focused practitioner
  • Reading the "birth chart" of your business or creative project
  • Jeff's meditation and chakra activation practice
  • The Aquarian archetype and using our healing gifts to benefit the collective
  • How podcasting can be a tool for healing work
  • Jeff's health practices that go against the "norm"


"Astrology is a way of acknowledging that life moves in cycles. It's a practice of expansion; it's a practice of intuition." [click to tweet]

"In order for us to have a well-balanced business and a well-balanced life, it's important for us to activate and awaken our chakras every day." [click to tweet]

We all have the right to speak our truth and share it with the world and there's going to be people who resonate with that. I encourage anyone that has an idea to put it out there. [click to tweet]

"We take for granted our ability to heal ourselves through the resources that we always have." [click to tweet]



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