S4E7 - An Interview with Adriana Adelé


Adriana Adelé is a yoga teacher who encourages, supports, and empowers students to cultivate a deeper connection with their breath and their body to create a sustainable yoga practice to carry throughout life. Today, she joins me on Health Fuels Hustle to talk about finding a healthy lifestyle without slipping into a masked diet culture, using CBD products in your health journey, how a yoga practice off the mat can help you become a more socially conscious person and ally, and finding a community yoga practice.


  • Adriana's background in yoga and health
  • Tackling the "shoulds" when it comes to a healthy lifestyle
  • When the line between a health culture and diet culture becomes blurred
  • Using CBD products
  • Mixing messages of wellness and activism + social justice and what if that makes people uncomfortable
  • The importance of bringing your yoga practice off of the mat to be a better person and a better ally
  • Yoga as a personal and a communal practice


"So much of wellness culture—especially Instagram wellness culture right now—is just diet culture repackaged." [click to tweet]

"If you are just practicing yoga on the mat, it's a self-indulgence." [click to tweet]

"We all get to come onto this Earth, but we don't all get the same starting point." [click to tweet]

"As much as you hold space for other people, you can be held by other people." [click to tweet]



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