S4E8 - An Interview with Barbara Erochina


Today Barbara Erochina, an emotional wellness coach and the creator of Cards for Self-Care, joins me on Health Fuels Hustle. This conversation is vulnerable and intimate as Barbara is not only my friend, but also my coach and therapist - and I've also done healing work for her as well. Barbara combines Gestalt psychotherapy, spiritual direction, and coaching in order to help coaches, leaders, and healers deepen their own inner life and have greater impact through their work in the world. So today we're talking about holding multifaceted relationships with people (especially as coaches and healers), how vulnerability is so important for self-care, and listening to your intuition.


  • Holding multifaceted relationships with people
  • The gift of having more nuanced relationships
  • Holding space in the world of capitalism
  • How we need vulnerability for self-care
  • Where Barbara's intuition has been guiding her
  • Barbara's self-care practice now


"Healing is not about an individual process, it's about a communal process." [click to tweet]

"I have this deep commitment to working out these multiple relationships within the same dynamic knowing that that actually allows for circles of care rather than hierarchies of care." [click to tweet]

"Find self-care that lights you the fuck up!" [click to tweet]

"Belonging is possible. Find your people. Don't be afraid to reach out and don't be afraid to love them hard." [click to tweet]



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