How procrastination can affect our health


Today I've got a little story for you - with a solid take-home message at the end. Let me know if this sounds anything like your own life.

Every night I try to set aside time to write down my to-do list for the following day. I generally take a look at my previous day's list and move over any tasks I didn't quite get to (aka procrastinated on). Then I'll add any new items to the agenda and scribble any late night notes or inspiration. Writing it all down at night is the way I trick my brain into actually slowing down and resting before bedtime - something that my creative brain often fights me tooth and nail for once the clock strikes eleven.

But day after day, without fail, there's always one kicker of a task that just never seems to get done. I start the week with it on my list and inevitably end the week with it still staring me in the face. It keeps getting pushed down the line - stretching the dread of actually doing it along too.

Now, intellectually, I know that just biting the bullet and tackling that monster task first thing in the morning will give me a sense of accomplishment and lightness that will make everything else on my to-do list feel like a breeze. But that's easier said than done.

I find that the same is true for a lot of my clients when it comes to their health.

They often ignore the flashing signs their body sends them saying it's time to slow down. Then they suffer the consequences when they're hit with something big - and taken down to the couch or bed for a week or more.

This weekend I had a first class ticket on the roller-coaster ride we call health, and it solidified my belief that procrastinating can't be an option when it comes to our health as a business owners.

What getting the flu taught me about running a business.

So I wake up Friday morning at the butt-crack of dawn (otherwise known as 5:30am) to go to the gym. I'm feeling a bit more tired than usual, but I don't want to miss class because we're in the middle of a team competition and I'd hate to let me teammates down by no-showing class.

I head to the gym, work out at about half of my max effort, and then head to clinic. I'm feeling totally fine by 10am, but take some Chinese herbs for immune health just in case. After my last meeting of the day is done around 2pm I realize that I'm still feeling a bit 'off', but I can't exactly put my finger on it. I decide to take action anyways.

I call up my office-mate Kim and see if she's able to get me in for a cupping/acupuncture treatment that day. Luckily, she's available so I head right over to see her.

She gets me on the table and cups the shit out of me. No joke. These bruises are intense. It was strong, but absolutely necessary. I know how helpful cupping can be at the first sign of a cold so I didn't want to squander this opportunity to knock it out me ASAP.

Now, for those of you not familiar with how cupping and acupuncture work to treat colds and flus, let me fill you in:

In Chinese medical theory, colds and flus are considered pathogenic wind that come in and out of the body through the pores on the skin. Now obviously, in our modern medical times, we know that colds and flus are viruses spread through the air or via contact, but none the less, following Chinese theory by inducing a sweat almost always helps release this pathogenic wind and quickens the recovery time.

So, I knew that getting a treatment at the first sign of sickness was in my best interest, but I also knew that it would quicken the timeline of the virus - leading me to feel much worse before feeling better.

Little did I realize that this tiny virus was actually the flu. Like the knock-down, drag-out, TKO flu. Within an hour of getting a treatment I started to feel bad. Real bad. I was too tired to do anything other sit on the couch. My body aches were so strong that I couldn't even get comfortable on the couch. I was going from bone-shaking chills to blanket-drenching sweats. And my head was throbbing too much to even catch up on the newest episodes of Scandal and Grey's Anatomy. (I know, first world problems much?)

So there I am feeling like complete death. I chug a handful more of herbs, take more oscillococcinum, and at this point even a Tylenol since I'm so achey I can't even sleep. Next thing I know I'm out like a light and crash for the night.

Fast forward to the next morning and it's like a whole new word! (cue Disney music here.) I honestly felt 95% better - no headache, body aches, fever, chills. Nada. It was almost like the previous night was just a dream. A terrible, horrible, no good dream.

And now here I am - tackling my to-do list like a boss. Not letting this drive-by flu take me down for the week.

So, what did this crazy episode teach me about business?

As business owners, tackle problems head on as they arise. Especially when they're related to your health. [Tweet this!]

If I had ignored the signals my body was sending me and pushed through to write that blog post, broadcast that 'scope, achieve inbox zero, <insert endless stream of to-dos here>, I know with 100% certainty that I'd be laid up on my couch right now catching up on my favorite Shonda Rhimes dramas. And I'd probably be there tomorrow too. (Let's be honest and say all week - most flus last for seven days or more.)

But I listened, took action, dealt with the pain and suffering in the moment, and now I get to reap the rewards. (You can tell I love my job when not calling in sick on a Monday is considered a reward! 😂)

@@The sooner you deal with your shit, the sooner you can get back to creating.@@

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