Putting my oxygen mask on first


100 day projects are all the rage right now. Just look on any social media site and you'll see hundreds of thousands of people documenting their progresses. Some people are committing to flex their creative muscle and make something new daily.  Others are committing to a healthier lifestyle with regular yoga or cycling. Many are committing to shifting their perspective of happiness and gratitude. 

After sharing my story with you about dealing with some recent anxiety, I've decided to make a commitment too. 

But before we get to that, let me tell you what inspired me.

A few weeks ago I re-watched Almost Famous (it's still so good), and there's this one scene where Kate Hudson acts out the flight attendant safety schtick by heart. I don't even remember if she actually says this quote in the movie or not, but, these words have none-the-less been on repeat in my brain ever since...  


That's it. That's what I've been forgetting to do. I spend all day helping people secure their oxygen masks before I've even secured mine.  

I'm worth more than that.

And so is everyone around me. The best way for me to help my patients get well is to treat myself well first. I'm no help to them when I'm a bundle of nerves from this or stressing out from that.

So here's my commitment. My pledge.

I pledge to work on me as much as I work on everyone else. I pledge to care for myself as much as I care for everyone else. I pledge to do something for myself everyday that betters my life and my health. I pledge to secure my own oxygen mask first. 

I'm excited to see what these next 100 days hold for me. Self care is the best care.

My pledge to myself for the next 100 days.

My pledge to myself for the next 100 days.

I also pledge something to you. I pledge to update you on my progress through this process. Especially for all of you out there struggling with your own oxygen masks.

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