Six ways to harness the energy of the winter soltice in your mind, body, + business


I tend to be the person friends call with questions about the moon, astrology, or tarot. Even Sunday night my mother asked me what phase the moon was in while she was on the phone. Because of course I’d know that it was one day before the new moon without even checking my phone. Duh.

I’ve also always been the person that people turn to when they have questions about their health. Whether a friend is wondering which probiotic out on the market is best, or an Instagram connection direct messages me wondering how to cut back on their coffee habit, people reach out because I’ve studied natural health for almost a decade now, and I can safely say that my head is a giant encyclopedia of wellness.

The last few years have also turned me into the person business owners ask for advice when setting up a new endeavor. Nowhere on my website does it offer business consulting services, and yet somehow next month I already have two podcast consulting calls booked.

And I love it.  Each one of those topics is completely fun and fascinating for me. I’ve even built my business around my love of merging those three topics together - healing all parts of ourselves (businesses included!). So today, I’m mixing those three worlds even more and sharing how you can harness the powerful energy of the winter solstice this week to benefit your mind, body, and business.

What’s the deal with the winter solstice anyway?

The winter solstice is literally the shortest day of the year. It’s the day with the least amount of sunlight shining down on earth. From an energetic perspective, this is when the quiet, slow, cold yin energy is at its pinnacle. It’s the long night - and that energy is reflected in everything around us. Whether you’re feeling the urge to hibernate at home with a mug of tea and the remote control, or you’re noticing that things might be slowing down a bit in your inbox (though probably not if you’re a maker of any kind this time of year).

Solstice energy is powerful. It can give us an opportunity to dive deep and look within. For those of you who want to start aligning the health of your mind, bodies, and businesses with the seasons, the winter solstice is a perfect place to start.

Six ways to harness the winter solstice in your mind, body, + business:


This is a perfect day to go with the inward flow of energy and get super introspective. Grab a pen and paper and go to town. For exercises like this, I don’t like to get too directive with specific journaling prompts - I think free-flow writing can be the most honest and interesting. But if you’re someone who works better within structure and rules, you can start by writing this phrase: “In this moment, I feel...because…”

Set a powerful intention
I like to think of the winter solstice like an extra powerful new moon. (And technically, the new moon was only earlier this week, so it’s still a perfect time for intention setting by those standards.) The winter solstice is basically the deepest, darkest, quietest, day of the year - energetically speaking. From this point on, yin energy will start to decrease and yang energy will start to rise. Things will begin to build and build, grow and grow, and intentions we set now will come to fruition on the summer solstice - the highest, brightest, boldest day of the year - energetically speaking. This isn’t a time for a quick manifestation plea - this is the time to pull out the big guns and get super vulnerable and personal with your hopes and dreams.


What better thing can you think of to do on the longest day of the year than sleep? Head to bed earlier and avoid using an alarm in the morning. Trust me, your morning emails can wait. Even though this is the most yin time of the year, our busybody world loves to fill up this time of hibernation with parties and galas and things that are meant to bring light into the darkness but often just leave us feeling rushed and drained. Let’s take a cue from the natural world and let ourselves rest and restore and go full on hibernation. Everything from your nervous system to your immune system will thank you.

Warm up
While most of these suggestions are to help you harness the power of all that yin energy, I think it’s equally as important to bring a little balance into this day with a little heat. While yin energy is known for its subdued, restful spirit - it’s also known as being the coldest energy. Our bodies don’t love being very cold (too much cold can cause issues from catching viruses to painful periods to digestive upset). Try to balance out the strong yin energy with some yang energy. Take a hot bath, sit in a sauna, light a fire - bring a little light and warmth into the darkest day of the year.


Like I said before, the winter solstice has a lot of similarities to new moons. I always get the urge to purge around new moons, and the same is absolutely true around the winter solstice. This is a great day to clean up your inbox, toss old papers from your filing cabinet, organize your desk. It might even be a good time to look through your current offerings and evaluate what still works for your business and what might need changing next year. Feel free to get creative and clear out anything that’s feeling a bit too chaotic and cluttered in this more energetically tidy time of year.

Astrologically, the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn on the winter solstice this week. Capricorns tend to be a more ambitious and organized bunch (as a Capricorn rising I can absolutely attest to this) and this transit marks a period of future planning. The day of the solstice is a perfect day to sit down and do some long term planning. What do you want to create next year? Where will you be focusing your energy? How will you keep your priorities in order? Feel overwhelmed by the scope of planning for an entire year? I highly recommend carving out some time to sit down with Maggie Gentry’s 2018 Year Ahead Planning Bundle.

How will I be harnessing the winter solstice this week?

I’ll be pulling a thing or two from each of these ideas over the course of this week myself. I’ve already gone through an old filing cabinet and shredded over five pounds of old paperwork. I’ve been skipping my workouts and sleeping in but still going to the gym nearly everyday just to sit in the sauna and sweat. I’ll be gathering with some of my favorite #bosswitches the night of the solstice and setting some powerful intentions. And I’ll be cozying up with a mug of tea and sitting down with Maggie’s planning bundle myself.

However you choose to harness the energy of the winter solstice in your mind, body, and business this week, I hope it fills you up in exactly the way you wish.

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