How CrossFit is a keystone habit

How CrossFit is a keystone habit

I recently finished Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit. It explains how some of our habits are more important than others. He calls them keystone habits.

Keystone habits aren’t more important because the actions themselves are weighted more heavily in their influence. Keystone habits are more important because they create a cascade effect of other habits.

By doing this one thing habitually, we often unknowingly can create other accompanying habits as a result. Obviously this can be a huge benefit, because creating new habits isn’t always easy. So, if we can strengthen just one keystone habit in our lives, the effects will multiply with the trickle down effects of the other habits.

For me, CrossFit has absolutely become my keystone habit. Not only does it get me to exercise multiple times a week, it also has created the following side effect habits:

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DIY: How to make a homemade sports drink using food!

DIY: How to make a homemade sports drink using food!

FYI: It's hot outside so I thought it would be good time to share with you one of my readers' favorite posts from the archives: How to make your own DIY sports drink! Enjoy and stay cool out there!

Summertime is for sweating.

A couple weeks ago I rode my bike from Duluth, MN to the Twin Cities (150 miles) over the course of two days as part of a fundraising effort for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of MN. While the ride was grueling in some ways (the first day was rainy and cold with frozen toes), in other ways all the riders were spoiled rotten with how well supported the MS Foundation organizes the ride.  There are pit stops every 15-20 miles with snacks, first aid tents, and most importantly re-hydration stations to keep all the riders well hydrated along the route.

While I'm not someone who ever drinks fancy sports drinks after a basic workout, this type of long, endurance, sporting event called for some serious electrolyte replacement. Unfortunately, all that was on hand was the dreaded Gatorade. Ugh!! But alas, I knew that I would end up with a muscle cramp by the end of the day if I didn't re-stock my body with some salt and potassium, so I gulped the neon stuff down and biked on.

My Google search of Gatorade nutrition labels revealed that 1 serving (8oz) of G2 Gatorade contains:

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Time to find your inner badass

Time to find your inner badass

This is a story of how I found my inner badass. And how I can help you find yours too.

Have you ever watched someone do something that you're completely in awe of? Like, makes your jaw drop? Like, you'd use one of your three genie in a bottle wishes to do that?

That's how I was when I watched people do pull-ups.

They were strong. They could pull themselves out of a burning building if needed. Or a sinking ship. Or a dangerously high rooftop. They almost looked like dolphins - flying through the air, doing tricks for the audience. They were badasses.

But that wasn't me. After years of cycling my legs were strong like trees, but my upper body strength didn't leave much to be desired.

So I trained. Put in the work. Yadda yadda you've heard this story before. I worked hard and one day I finally got my first pull-up.

It was ugly as hell - with one arm obviously stronger than the other, bending more than it should to finally get my chin over the bar. But it was a pull-up none the less and I was stoked.

Then disaster struck.

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Group Acupuncture at Solcana's New Yoga Studio!


As any of my patients can confirm, I think everyone should be moving their bodies a bit more. Exercise is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to move stagnant energy in the body.

But, I also emphasize with all my patients, that rest days are equally important.

While the health improvements of exercise can't be ignored (improved sleep, happier outlook, increased weight loss, healthier heart and lung function, etc), the high intensity and vigorous activity needs to be balanced out by low intensity activities in order to achieve balance and health.

For instance, weightlifters know that in order to get significant gains at the bar, they need to incorporate rest days into their workouts. They know that in order to build up more muscle mass, they first have to break down some of their current muscle and take the necessary rest to build it back up - bigger and better! This building up of new muscle mass can't happen without a rest day - it balances out the lifting day.

That's why I'm so excited to be bringing acupuncture - the perfect rest day activity - to my favorite place to get sweaty! Solcana CrossFit and Yoga!

Go check out my introductory post for Solcana CrossFit and Yoga! I delve a bit deeper in to how I chose the path of an acupuncturist and correct the number one misconceptionabout acupuncture.

If you're a current Solcanaut, please join me for an introductory group acupuncture and meditation class next Tuesday, August 11th at 5:35pm at the Solcana Yoga studio.

If you're not a member of Solcana - don't fret! You can still join us to see what the fuss is all about. Email to get registered!


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