Five ways to include tarot in your self-care practice

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For me, self-care is more than carving out a little quiet time for myself daily/weekly/monthly. It’s a way for me to self-reflect and self-soothe. When I’m feeling a bit wild and out of control, my self-care practices help ground my energy and view my situation from all perspectives. When I’m lost in my own sea of sadness, my self-care practices are a gentle reminder that I already have everything I need when I open my heart to myself.

A lot of these practices start with some simple self-reflection. And at its core, tarot is a tool for self-reflection. For those of us who find it difficult to just sit down and write in a journal, the tarot becomes a mirror for our experiences and lays a foundation where we can start to inquire more deeply. That’s why tarot has become such an integral part of my own self-care practices.

Today I want to share with you five ways you can include tarot in your own self-care practices too.

Self-care with tarot, five ways:

Pull a daily card

Simple, right? You can think of this as a daily meditation practice for those of you who “just can’t meditate” (which I basically call B.S. on, but that’s another rant for another time). This practice is perfect for tarot newbies to help them learn the cards in relationship to their own experiences (as opposed to rote memorization from tarot books). What my daily draw looks like: First thing in the morning, before I even get dressed and ready for the day, I sit down in my office and light a candle. I close my eyes and sit for about five minutes as a way to ground and center myself. Then I ask the question, “What card am I going to deepen my understanding of today?” and pull a card from the deck. Sometimes I’ll prop the card up on my desk so I can look back on it throughout my day while other times I’ll put it in the notebook I carry around in my tote bag if I’m on the go. Later, when the day is through, I’ll sit back down at my desk before bedtime and reflect on my day and the card I drew. I’ll notice if there were any correlations or similar threads and take a few minutes to write about what medicine that card held for me. Not only does this practice help me understand my deck better, but it also creates some structured self-care time in my day.

Include tarot in your monthly rituals (full moon, new moon, bleeding time, etc)

Milestone moments give us structure to see where we’ve been since the last milestone, where we’re at currently, and give us opportunity to dream of where we might be going in the future. Recurring events such as new moons, full moons, bleeding times, solar returns (birthdays), equinoxes and solstices are all perfect for tarot - the list goes on and on. There are hundreds of tarot spreads already created for milestone and ritual moments which make it an easy place to start for tarot newbies. One of my favorite resources for finding tarot spreads is Little Red Tarot. It’s a collective writing space that focuses on queer, non-binary, and femme voices and it’s creator, Beth, teaches the Alternative Tarot Course (my personal fave for beginners). When I was first starting with tarot, I would pull three cards on every new moon: past, present, future. I would track my card pulls from month to month and allow the patterns and messages to come through as I wrote about them.

Keep your deck with you on-the-go to soften difficult situations

Self-care is most needed when we’re going through something difficult. Maybe we’re struggling to communicate with our partner, just had a difficult conversation with our boss, or maybe we’re feeling lots of anxiety while out and about in our daily life. Keeping a deck on hand to pull a card or two in those moments can be a grounding and supportive practice to bring you back to center when everything feels like it’s falling apart. A few questions I like to ask in these sorts of situations are: 
What am I not seeing right now that can help me feel better about this situation? 
What medicine might this situation hold for me? 
What can I do in this moment to soften my fear/worry/anxiety/anger?

Pull cards to help choose herbal allies

Sometimes we pull cards as a way to open up a conversation or ask deeper questions. But sometimes we pull cards with the hope that they’ll just exclaim the answer to us loudly and clearly. (We wish, right?) When it comes to self-care, there’s a super fun tarot deck called the Herbal Tarot Deck (by the well known herbalist Michael Tierra) that does just that. Each card is represented by an herbal ally and I love playing with this deck when I’m feeling pulled to working with plants more. Of course, make sure you always work with a certified herbalist before taking herbs internally, but there are many other ways to work with these plants safely on your own too: You can find the plant out in nature and sit with it in meditation, include it in a bouquet of flowers in your home, work with the flower essence version (if it has one), or even read up about it in a materia medica. Get creative and have fun with it!

Spend time meditating with a specific card to connect to the medicine it holds

Sitting for twenty minutes while thinking about “nothing” can be extremely difficult for a lot of people (myself included). Our minds are curious creatures - they want to learn and expand and grow. That’s why one of my favorite ways to meditate is to sit and have a conversation with a tarot card. Sometimes this will look similar to traditional meditation (seated at my altar with a acard). After I ground and center I’ll start to ask the card questions and see what answers bubble up in response. There’s no “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions - it’s more about getting in conversation with the card and seeing what feels true to you. 

Another way I’ll meditate with a card is through Breathwork. When I’m deep in my Breathwork practice I feel more connected to the all-knowing of the universe than ever - and answers to my questions come easily and without judgement. I love connecting to the archetypes of the tarot through Breathwork because it deepens my understanding of the cards in a way that prioritizes love, healing, support, and deep medicine as opposed to fear or anxiety. This is especially helpful when working with traditionally “scary” cards such as the Devil, the Tower, or Judgement. 

If this way of connecting to the cards sounds up your alley, I invite you to join me for a series of group Breathwork circles where we’ll be connecting to the first four archetypes of the tarot: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, and The Empress. Each week we’ll use the breath to deepen our relationship with these cards and harness the power of trust, creative manifestation, intuition, and embodiment.

To learn more and sign up about Embodying the Tarot with Breathwork series, click the event photo below.

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My first Breathwork experience: How it changed my business and my life


Around a year ago I had my first Breathwork Healing experience. It was so profound for me that it completely changed the trajectory of my coaching practice - and my life. As a direct result of that session, I ended up beginning my own training to do this work with my clients AND imagining, creating, launching my most ambitious offering to date - resulting in an over eight thousand dollar launch.

Today I want to share that experience with you to give you a better sense of what Breathwork healing is and how it can change your life too.

The story

Breathwork was one of those practices that kept popping into my world all over the place for a few months. Instagram, podcasts, newsletters - I was hearing about it from what seemed like everywhere. I took it as a pretty damn good sign that this was something I needed to check out for myself.

Soon after I decided to try it, a healer I admire (who later became my Breathwork teacher) announced she was hosting an online group healing circle. I knew it was meant to be, so I immediately signed up.

The breath itself it actually quite simple: It’s a three-part breath that’s both inhaled and exhaled through the mouth. I had done a short version on my own before from home, but I found that the breath created such an intense tingling sensation in my body that I almost got a little freaked by the idea of doing a whole 40 minutes of it. However, I knew I felt more comfortable doing a healer-led version and marked the date on my calendar.

The experience

The night of the circle I got my space all ready: burned some herbs to clear the energy in my bedroom, laid out a few candles and crystals, grabbed a blanket and eye pillow, and got ready to breathe. As the session started, I noticed that tingling sensation in my body again. This time, instead of freaking out about it and quitting early, I trusted the healing process and surrendered to let the energy move in the way that it wanted to.

As an acupuncturist, I can safely tell you that I’ve felt qi (energy) move in my body in all sorts of ways before. (There’s nothing like the zing! of a qi sensation when you’re getting needled by your newbie classmates at the start of acupuncture school.) But those experiences pale in comparison to what I felt during this first Breathwork session.

My hands were tingling so strongly that I could have sworn they were straight up vibrating - and it wasn’t even over my whole hand! I felt the tingling along the outer edge of my pinky finger, up the outside of my forearm, up along my upper arm and into my armpit. Interestingly enough this is the exact pathway of the heart meridian in Chinese medicine! I was blown away by the coincidental (or not!) nature of the sensation that it almost made it too distracting.

At different times during the session, the healer encouraged us to laugh, yell, or recite certain phrases after her. My mouth was so full of energy and sensation, I could barely speak let alone yell or scream. Later, this came as no surprise to me as I’m constantly working on the stagnation that tends to pile up around my throat chakra - keeping me quiet and subdued when I should be speaking my truth.

The vision

Once the 40 minutes of active breath were over, we were instructed to relax into our natural breathing patterns and continue to lie and rest for several minutes. It was during this time that the session started to get truly wonderful for me. 

I started seeing all sorts of colors and shapes and eventually had a full-on vision. I was in the the Joshua Tree desert, around a bonfire with other female-identified bosses, sitting under the full moon. 

I was at a wellness retreat of my own making! A wellness retreat for mind, body, and business.

In that vision I felt safe, strong, powerful, connected, loved, and at complete peace. I knew in that moment that this wasn’t just a dream - this was reality. I knew that this time the following year I’d be having the same exact vision - except that it would be in the physical realm instead of the energetic realm.

When the session was complete, I grabbed the nearest notebook and wrote pages and pages of notes. I knew that what I had seen was a gift that shouldn’t be overlooked. Now, the question was: How?

The manifestation

Now, you might wonder where this 8K+ manifestation comes into play. Let me tell you this: While my Breathwork experience created a huge shift for me, that doesn’t mean that it happened quickly. I sat with this experience in meditation for many mornings, brainstormed ideas with my business besties over many cups of tea, and asked for more guidance during many more Breathwork sessions to follow.

But six months later I knew the time was ripe. I needed to get this retreat out into the world and turn it from vision to reality. 

So I did. Quickly and easily. I sold out my first wellness retreat in less than a week without any pomp and circumstance. No launch. No sales funnel. No stress. 

I can safely say that even though I was a ball of nerves the week leading up to “selling” this retreat, the actual selling was the easiest I’ve ever done. It was almost like it wasn’t even mine to begin with. The universe wanted it to happen and I was just one cog in a series of universal cogs to help it manifest. 

How I use Breathwork now

Ever since my first Breathwork experience, I’ve begun to turn to breathwork when I need to tap into my own internal guidance in my life or business. And I can safely say that it’s the best decision I’ve made.

When I’m making a decision on the direction to take with my coaching practice? I turn to Breathwork.
When I’m feeling pulled in too many directions and have to take things off my plate? I turn to Breathwork.
When something just isn’t quite right and I can’t put my finger on it? I turn to Breathwork.
When I’m falling back into my habits of pushing people away and not feeling much of anything? I turn to breathwork.
When I’m feeling creatively blocked? I turn to breathwork.

Whether you’re ready to make profound changes in your life and business through Breathwork healing right now or not, take a minute to sit and think about these four questions in reference to your health and business:

  1. What’s feeling stuck? 
  2. How have you tried to move that stagnation in the past? 
  3. What’s worked before and what hasn’t?
  4. What's one (small) step I can take today to start to move through the stagnation?

Ready to take a chance and see what a Breathwork Healing session can do for your life or business? 

*The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.
*Heads up! This post may contain some affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links you won't pay a single cent more, but we'll get a small commission that helps keep the content flowing. P.S. We only recommend products we use in our own daily life!