+ What does the active breath look like?

It's a three-part breath that's both inhaled and exhaled through the mouth. The first breath is a deep belly breath that really expands the diaphragm. Before exhaling, there's a second inhale into the upper chest. Then the whole breath can be released through the exhale. After the active breath portion, there's always a resting portion with a more natural, restful breath pattern.

+ How long does a session last?

Private sessions last between an hour and two-hours and include coaching, breathwork, and tarot messages. The breathwork portion may be as short as 20 min or as long as 50 min (including the rest period after the active breath). Group breathwork classes generally last between one and two-hours.

+ What should I expect during a breathwork session?

Everyone's experience is different and even the same person will have varying experiences each time they do breathwork - so there's no hard and fast rule for what to experience. That being said, there are a variety of physical and emotional experiences you may move through. You may feel lots of sensation in your physical body like tingling, tightness, or hot/cold sensations. As you breathe, emotions often come to the surface - and with them tears often arise too. Some folks have even likened their breathwork experiences to altered states of conciousness, including intuitive visual messages. By the end of the session, you may feel elation and deep connection to Source energy or self-love.

+ What’s the difference between doing breathwork one-on-one vs in a group?

The main difference is privacy. Some folks really need a private container to dive into their fears, grief, and inner stories. (If you're someone who has survived major trauma or abuse, I do suggest starting with a private session first.) While other folks deeply appreciate the support and permission that group work offers. When breathing in a group, a collective energy forms, and that energy can help lift up those who have difficulty keeping the pace of their breath going.

+ What’s the difference between doing breathwork in person and online?

Honestly, not a ton. The breath is truly amazing, and since this is a self-healing practice, it works beautifully both online and in-person. The main difference betwen the two is that when I offer private sessions in person I add in other supportive tools such as essential oils and healing stones.

+ Can I do breathwork on my own?

Absolutely! The most amazing thing about breathwork is that WE hold the keys to our own success! I've worked with many folks who started their breathwork practice in our coaching container, and then continued to practice the breath on their own after our sessions were complete. They'll come back for one-off sessions when they need a bit of extra support, and otherwise continue their solo practice at home.

+ How do I prepare for a breathwork session?

One of the beauties of breathwork is that you don't really need to "prepare" anything if you don't want to. But for those of you recovering Type-A folks out there (me included), I know that feeling prepared is a way to feel safe when trying something new. For you folks, here are a few tips: Find a private place where you can lay down uninterrupted for the length of our time together. (On your bed, a yoga mat, or the couch are best.) Let anyone else in your house/apartment know that this is a "do not disturb" time for you. Feel free to gather any spiritual tools (incense, oils, crystals) that you're deeply connected with to help create sacred space for you and help you set your intention. It can also be nice to have the following close by: a blanket (in case you get cold!), an eye mask/eye pillow/folded up washcloth to cover your eyes (it helps you get out of your head and into your body more during the breathing, and a pillow (I may ask you to make some loud noises during the session - if you're concerned about that sort of thing, the pillow can muffle the noise).

+ How often should I be doing breathwork?

In an ideal world, everyone would do a full-length breathwork session once a month. I like to think about our bodies and businesses in a similar way to how I think about our cars and bikes. When you give your mode of transportation regular tune-ups and care, it's less likely to stall out on the side of the road at a very inopportune time. Same goes with us! When we regularly move our energy and open our creative and emotional channels with the breath, we're less likely to break down when it's least convenient. For me, I like to do a shorter (around 7-12 minute) breathwork session multiple times a week. (You can use the playlists from my free 7-day challenge for those!) And then anywhere from once a week to once a month I'll practice a longer session with a facilitator to hold space for me in my healing.