When we are the most vibrant expression of ourselves, it shows. We create a fuller, healthier and more magical life and business.

Our health fuels our hustle!

When we are tired and depleted, we aren’t being all we can be—so how we eat, rest, reflect, move and take care of ourselves, matters. We all know this, but we can still feel off track, disconnected, and not know why.


I was about to make a big shift in my lifestyle and really need some support and professional guidance when I worked with Amy. Our session together was energizing, comfortable, professional, secure and informative. I had googled myself to death, but no amount of internet research can replace working with a professional to pinpoint your exact needs. Our session helped me realize how some of my daily habits were affecting my chronic health condition and gave me the support I needed to make long­lasting change. I really don't think I would of made it without meeting with her. I would totally recommend Amy to anyone needing help navigating big changes.

Kayla Rose, Designer


Can we just agree that “should” is a dirty word?

In my role as a health coach and acupuncturist, I am your guide. I am not going to tell you that you’re doing everything wrong. There truly is no one size fits everything—especially when it comes to wellness. What I do is help you determine what your picture-perfect idea of health is, and then support you in creating a roadmap to get there—one that’s customized for you, void of any shoulds.

Because that’s the thing about health and wellness—there’s a lot of information out there. There’s a lot of advice about how you should drink green smoothies every morning, and you should meditate for at least 10 minutes, and you should do daily yoga, you should grow your own organic fruits and vegetables and you should…


You’re trying to:

  • Live a healthier life but not spend all your time trying so hard. Your time is precious!
  • Balance the realities of owning your own business with your dreams of imagined luxuries like daily workouts. It can be done!
  • Find your energy again so it can shine through in your work and in your life. Your creativity fuels your passion and your bank account!
  • Follow your gut instincts about what’s healthy, but keep feeling pulled along by everyone telling you about the next big healthy thing you should be doing. Surprise! That next big thing is as mythical as a freaking unicorn!

But these shoulds are getting in your way.

And deep down, you know you haven’t taken that step to truly prioritize your health because you’re afraid that whatever that step is will just reinforce all those shoulds (I know, I’ve been there).

But that’s not what I’m about.


Working with Amy has been so helpful for not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. Since I started her health coaching program, I've seen a decrease in anxiety and an increase in my creative work, which is HUGE for me. Amy listens intently and makes me feel like she's right there with me every step of the way. I'm so grateful to have found her.

Stephanie Stiavetti, Fearless Fresh




My Chinese medicine training is all about balance. You may have heard of the duality of yin and yang—that applies to everything - including my own life.

Yes, I follow a mostly paleo diet, but I’m still trying to master my mother’s famous banana bread recipe.

Yes, I practice yoga, but I prefer to do by candlelight while listening to stoner metal.

Yes, I think a healthy diet is important, but I absolutely believe in the power of an indulgent brunch - especially if it involves a build your own bloody mary bar.

And just because those things work for me, doesn’t mean I’m going to make you follow a paleo diet or practice yoga or listen to metal. And as for brunch, well I don’t think that one ever falls in the “should” category.

The point is, I’m not going to impose any shoulds on you because your perfect picture of health doesn’t look the same as mine, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s, or Kayla Itsines’, or even your has-it-all-together best friend who loves all the same things you do. This is about what’s right for you. You do you.

You know that energized feeling you get when you’re in it? When you’re doing the thing that you love to do most? That’s your connection to universal energy. And it doesn’t have to be limited to this one thing, you can feel that energy—that spark—in every aspect of your life. It’s simply a matter of removing any blocks, so that you can thrive—body, spirit, and health.

“Sometimes fixing your physical health is going to help your business, but sometimes fixing your business is actually what’s going to fix your health.”

Amy Kuretsky



This is an unfolding a roadmap for your lasting wellness, for your whole being. I am as committed to your long-term success as you are.

Here’s what to expect along the way as we work together in my three month coaching program:


1. We Start With You

I want to make sure that we’re a good fit for each other - so that you can get the most out of our sessions as possible. So I always start with a 30 minute free discovery session: What are your health goals? How do you eat, rest, refuel, move, meditate? What are your roadblocks? Expect to dive in deep and find your “why” as we begin so we can build a roadmap together.

2. We Look At Your Patterns

Next, I incorporate my background in Chinese medicine and look for recurring patterns in your health. What are the symptoms that keep coming up for you? What are their triggers? When do they like to pop into or out of your life? We’ll get to the root - the source - and discover seemingly hidden connections between your symptoms (as the individual you are!) to help you understand your patterns as a whole.

3. We Start Following a Plan

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health! Together, we’ll create your highly-individualized treatment plan. I always blend my years of expertise with your personal preferences to make the perfect plan for you. Consider it your personal roadmap to guide us as we work together - overcoming roadblocks and making new habits for deep and lasting change.

4. Ingredients Along The Way

There’s a special alchemy in cultivating our health. By mixing in a bit of this and a bit of that, we arrive at something truly special and long lasting. For me, these ingredients are activities such as acupuncture, herbs, mindfulness techniques, dietary therapy, exercise, and journaling. You can expect I may recommend a mix of these treatments and practices along the way – always customized to you.

Stepping into the unknown is hard, but so do-able! As we wrap up our 12 weeks together, you are actively practicing these new health habits in your everyday work and personal life! Don’t worry, I’m here with tune up sessions to support you as life evolves, changes and needs a little fine-tuning!

I found our sessions to be a perfect mix of actionable, tangible advice, with a backbone of some deep woo origins and vibes - all to promote gut health and harmonious being. In this past month I’ve been able to deal with stress better and I have more perceived control over my life. My advice to anyone wanting to work with Amy? Be ready to face your wellness beginning with the most basic levels of your being: your energy, your gut, and your goals. And once you dive deep, be ready to swim your way out into the sunshine!

Emily Thompson, Indie Shopography


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