When the way we think, eat, rest, and move is aligned with our bodies’ needs, we become the most vibrant expression of ourselves - and it shows! We create fuller, healthier and more magical lives and businesses.

Our health fuels our hustle!

Even the most badass bosses can be suffering from burnout.

Maybe this is you?

  • You feel like your business isn’t reflecting all it can be - because you aren’t reflecting all you can be.
  • You’re struggling with finding time for your self-care. Or even your basic health care.
  • You’re wondering how other bosses balance the reality of owning a booming business with the dream of forming the “habits of successful people”. It can be done!
  • You’re searching for your energy again so it can shine brightly in your creative life. Because your creativity fuels your passion and your bank account!
  • You follow your gut instincts about what’s healthy - but keep feeling pulled along by “the next big thing” you should be doing. 

Your body knows what it needs. That next big thing is as mythical as a freaking unicorn!


If you answered yes to any of those questions then you know that it’s time to up-level your health in order to up-level your business. 

You are your business’s number one asset.
Start treating yourself like it.


Let me show you how. Over the years as an acupuncturist, herbalist, and coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of creatives to help them sleep soundly, improve digestion, calm anxiety, and move without pain - all in order to cultivate more energy and creativity. 

Your hustle and your health isn’t a one way street. Most times fixing your health is going to help your bottom line in business, but what might surprise you is finding focus in your business can actually benefit your health. As an entrepreneur who has created a profitable business from the ground up, I've been there. I can help you narrow in your focus and put systems in place so that you can create the time you’ve been missing in your life.


Your hustle needs you to be healthy.


How to work with me:

6 months of one-on-one health and business coaching

For bosses who are ready to be their healthiest selves. It's time to go deep and discover what truly fuels your hustle. Over the course of six months, you get:

  • Twelve health coaching sessions and unlimited email support rooted in traditional Chinese medical theory and focusing on mindset, meals, movement, as well as systems and strategies
  • Guided meditations, worksheets, and journaling prompts to help you tune-in to the messages your body is already sending you and give you concrete action steps along the way
  • Increased energy, focus, and health!

Who this isn’t for:

This is not diagnosis or treatment of disease. I can help you become your own advocate for your health in your relationships with your current health team or help you find health care practitioners in your area that you can count on for your medical needs. I prefer if you already have a primary medical doctor or naturopathic doctor that you see for your health care needs.

This is not a self-study e-course that ends up living in your inbox, never to be opened. My coaching is for creatives who are ready to take an active role in their health. If you want to learn more about what is and isn't coaching, check out this post.