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Personal 1:1 health and business coaching for creative entrepreneurs who are trying to find their own brand of work-life balance.

You’re killing it in your work life, but you’re feeling sick and tired in your day-to-day life. The allure of the hustle has been holding you back, but now you’re ready to find out what happens when you start putting your number-one employee first - you.

You are your business’s number one employee. Are you ready to start treating yourself like it?

Investment starts at: $497

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Go beyond the bathtub to find ways to recharge that are as unique and creative as you are.

Maybe you recently realized that showering and brushing your teeth isn’t cutting it in the self-care department anymore, but following the standard plan of a relaxing bath and massage isn’t your cup of tea either. You’re ready for a change, but you need help coming up with a plan to get started.

Join me and an intimate group of other female bosses for a series of 4, 90-min group coaching sessions to give you accountability and support to help you reach your self-care goals.

Your investment: $247