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Tarot for the Underworld LIVE Breathwork

This is the LIVE breathwork component that accompanies Tarot for the Underworld, a collaboration from Amy Kuretsky and Lindsay Mack. It will take place online over Zoom, on Sunday October 27th at 12pm CST (new moon in Scorpio).

This course contains:

Hours of pre-recorded, in depth audio lessons from Lindsay on the medicine of Line Two of the Major Arcana (Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death & Temperance), and how we can bow to these journeys when they come calling to us

A live, 90 minute guided Breathwork practice facilitated by Amy on October 27th (New Moon in Scorpio) to integrate the lessons, gain clarity and process emotion held in the body. 

A beautiful PDF workbook, complete with Tarot spreads and exercises, to support you in your practice. 

All of the lesson material with Lindsay is pre-recorded and self guided. The Breathwork session with Amy is LIVE, and will be recorded. All materials will be yours to keep forever.

Tarot for the Underworld is a powerful online Tarot & Breathwork journey, co-taught and facilitated by Lindsay Mack and Amy Kuretsky.

Underworld Journeys are transformative rites of passage, a space of time in which we are called to transmute, process, and release an aspect of our lives that is no longer serving us. To embark on an Underworld Journey, we have to leave the realm of what we know, and enter the landscape of the unknown, rebirthing into the next evolution of ourselves. When we enter that deep forest of the self, it can feel so scary and uncomfortable, and yet, so ripe with treasures and potentials for growth, wisdom, and transformation. It is the death realm of the life/death/rebirth cycle, a wildly important step in our expansion and evolution.

Tarot for the Underworld is a deep and beautiful exploration of Line Two of the Major Arcana as the journey of the unknown, offering participants tangible guidance, support, and tools through Tarot and Breathwork to assist them through their own Underworld travels.

Just as we do in a period of personal growth, throughout the span of a Breathwork session we move through the experience of Line Two of the Major Arcana, from Strength to Temperance. We are called to courageously respond to our fears, access our own inner guidance and surrender to the intensity of the process in order to come out the other side with a measure of understanding and trust. In this way, both the Tarot and Breathwork become a training ground for emotional resilience and healing to cultivate trust in ourselves to stay present in times of uncertainty and discomfort.

A bit about breathwork:

Breathwork is a powerful experiential tool and process that allows deep self-exploration and transformation, using the power of breath and music to help you access a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It’s a kind of somatic healing that allows you to get out of your head and into the body to move energy and open creative and emotional channels with the breath.

This style of Breathwork is a three-part active breath pattern that's both inhaled and exhaled through the mouth, stirring up emotion stored in the body, washing those emotions with self love from heart and then letting go of what is ready to be released. After the active breath cycles, there is time for a more restful breath pattern for connection and integration to occur.

Everyone's experience is different and even the same person will have varying experiences each time they do Breathwork. There are a variety of physical and emotional experiences you may move through, including physical body sensation like tingling, tightness, or temperature change. As you breathe, emotions often come to the surface β€” and with them tears often arise too. Some folks have even likened their Breathwork experiences to altered states of consciousness, including intuitive visual messages. By the end of the session, you may feel elation and deep connection to Source energy or self love.