For creatives who are ready to start listening to their bodies.

A lot of my clients come to me after they’ve become disappointed and disillusioned with the same health care advice that’s repeated and repackaged all over the internet. After years of trying the latest and greatest health trends, they’re ready to start listening to the smartest advice out there: the signals their body sends them.

In my 1:1 work, I’ve helped my clients create sustainable health-care and self-care practices that invigorate their energy and spark their creativity. I’ve helped them tap into their intuition and use it to make choices that bring joy back into their lives. I’ve helped them learn to trust their body without fear or shame.  And I’ve watched them realize they really do know how to cultivate success in both health and business. They’re living healthier lives on their own terms. And you can too.

You’re ready to take control of your health. And I’m here to help you.



This is for you if:

  • You’re struggling with finding time for your basic self-care needs
  • You’re struggling to tap into your body’s inner wisdom
  • You’re wondering how other bosses balance the reality of running a creative business with the dream of an ideal morning routine
  • You’re feeling too tired and burned out to eat a home-cooked meal for dinner
  • You’re frequently disappointed after being pulled along by the ‘next big thing’ that magazines and friends recommend
  • You’re feeling like your lack of energy is holding you back from reaching your goals
  • You’re interested in reinvigorating your creative practice through meditation and mindfulness practices
  • You’re looking for someone to hold you accountable to your own high standards
  • You’re confused about what’s best for your body and your health
  • You’re searching for a wellness strategy that fits your unique lifestyle
  • You’re ready to spend three to six months committing to your long-term vision of health and wellness

Together we can:

  • Create a self-care strategy that works for you
  • Bring a sense of ease and flow to your daily habits and routines
  • Explore new mindfulness techniques to help you reduce stress and anxiety
  • Make sustainable dietary changes that you’ll actually like
  • Examine what is and isn’t working in your current health care routine
  • Set achievable goals around diet, exercise, stress reduction, and self-care
  • Use intuition building exercises to build a foundation of inner trust
  • Generate support and energy around new lifestyle changes
  • Bring fun and play into your workouts
  • Get a little woo-woo with tarot, oracle, and i-ching readings
  • Help you take control of your own health and wellness
  • Shift your mindset around health, success, stress, and hustle

What’s included:

60-minute coaching sessions (5 session for 3-mo program and 10 session for 6-mo program)

A password protected client page where you'll have access to notes and a recording of each session

Weekly goals, resources, and tasks to keep to focused on meeting your goals

Unlimited email support between sessions


Your investment:
$497 for 3-mo program
$997 for 6-mo Program
(Payment plans available)


As a coach, I promise to:

  • Create a safe space for you to uncover your personal truths
  • Challenge you to open your mind to new paradigms of thinking around health and wellness
  • Hold you to a standard of truth and honesty with yourself
  • Honor your expertise and intuition about your own body, mind, and spirit
  • Be both a non-judgemental sounding-board and partner in exploration
  • Celebrate your successes with you

Fuel Your Hustle is not a self-study e-course that ends up living in your inbox, never to be opened.

This coaching program is for creative business owners who are ready to take an active role in their health. If you want to learn more about what is and isn't coaching, check out this post.

This also  isn’t the right program for you if you’re looking for diagnosis or treatment of disease. Coaching is about collaborating together on a plan to help you change your wellness habits in order to reach your health goals.

Have a question about working together? Check out the FAQ page or contact me here:

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