Connecting to Self: An 8-month self-care journey to reconnect to your inner truth

(A meet-up for your body, mind, and soul.)

Do you believe that self-care is a good practice in theory, yet have a hard time putting it into practice?

Are you struggling with carving out time to care for yourself as much as you care for others?

Is it hard for you to justify spending time, money, or emotional labor on you?

Does it feel hard to imagine what it would feel like if your self-care cup was so full you could use the overflow to care for others?

Are you nodding your head in agreement? I was there once too.

I’ve been in your shoes before and know the feeling intimately. Years ago, a lot of my decisions (both in life and business) were made out of scarcity and fear - and not because I was I saw the world as a cup half empty. It was because I was too energetically and emotionally drained to really drop in and listen to the quiet and subtle truths that were always hiding in plain sight.

After years of experimenting, I came to a conclusion for myself: I was worthy of more. I was worthy of care. And if I was waiting for someone to show up and prioritize my needs for me I was going to be waiting a hell of a long time. I knew then that stepping up and committing to my self-care was a make-it or break-it decision.

I decided to choose me.

And now I’ve created a program to help you choose you too.

A program that takes my years of experience and experimentation with all five arenas of self-care (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social) to help you reconnect to the quiet and subtle truths hiding inside of you too.


Connecting to Self is an 8-month coaching and self-care program.

How we’ll be doing the work:

  • Through breathwork

  • Sharing and witnessing

  • Self-reflection

  • Getting curious and open

  • Making our own rituals

  • Playing!

What we’ll be working on together:

  • Learning to trust our guts and take leaps of faith

  • Connecting to our intuitions

  • Opening up to receiving

  • Becoming our own teachers

  • Falling deeply in love with ourselves

  • Celebrating our successes

The commitment you’re making when you sign up for this program isn’t as much a commitment from you to me for the next eight months - it’s a commitment from you to yourself.

My commitment to you is my promise to partner with you and support you for the next eight months so that you can deeply and wholeheartedly commit to yourself.

Because huge gifts are possible when we reconnect to ourselves - and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

What’s included each month:

  1. One live breathwork session with the group of clients enrolled in Connecting to Self, with each session based on our card for the month.

  2. One 60-min private coaching/tarot session where you and I can focus on your specific goals or challenges.

  3. Private Facebook group for all Connecting to Self enrollees where questions can be asked/answered and support can be given/received.

  4. Bi-weekly office hours through the group via Facebook Live where you can pop on and receive a little extra love, support, and connection.

  5. Worksheets, rituals, and/or meditations from some of my favorite teachers/healers/witches that have supported me in my own journey of connecting to myself. (Want a sneak peek at some of the contributors? Kathleen Shannon from Being Boss and Braid Creative, Aja Dashur the Spirit Guide Coach, Asali Earthwork, Barbara Erochina from Be With Coaching, and more!!)

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What other creatives have said about working with me:

KK (1).png

Kelsey Kerslake, Pinegate road design

”I didn't know what breathwork was, but I just had a feeling that Amy would be a great resource and person to have by my side as I made some pretty big business and personal leaps this year! Through working with Amy, I have found HOW to access my own inner-guidance. She’s been able to teach me so many ways to move through the uncomfortable, difficult, and unknown aspects that pop up in life. I feel less stressed, and I feel more connected and grounded moving forward with life and business decisions.”


Barbara ERochina, BE with coaching

"Doing a breathwork session with Amy was a powerful affirmation of my commitment to intuitive living. I sensed my intuition nudging me to book a session for about a month before I finally did, and I'm so glad I listened. On the woo side, the session allowed me to connect with my long passed great-grandmother, a correspondence that I'd been seeking for a while. On the practical side, in the days following my session I found myself with a newfound ease in releasing things that do not serve me - everything from old posters I was hanging onto to unrealistic expectations of myself that made me feel hurried. I also left the session with a clear sense of knowing my next right step, which I take as a sign of feeling well supported enough to remain connected to spirit."  

Have a few questions and need to know a bit more? Keep reading…

Do I need to have a tarot deck and understand the cards to participate?

While owning a tarot deck isn’t a requirement for this program, you might find that having one to play with at home will help you more deeply understand these archetypes and how you can call upon them in your healing and care. There may be one or two tarot spreads included in the worksheets, but it is always up to you if you want to partake in them or not. As for being able to “read” the cards - no experience is needed! This is not a “course” and you will not be expected to “know” anything about the cards. The purpose of using tarot cards in this program is to help us uncover deeper layers of ourselves.

Can I participate if I don’t live in the US?

Yes! The systems and programs we’ll be using (zoom, email, and facebook mostly) are all accessible internationally. The only issue that might show up would be your ability to participate in the monthly group call (which is a big part of this program). Our group calls will mainly be weekend days around 12pm CST. (You can use this time zone converter to see what time that is in your neck of the woods.)

Can I participate in breathwork if I’m pregnant?

Yes! I’ve led pregnant mamas in breathwork before and my teachers have both led mamas through breathwork who were well into their third trimester. The only adjustment you’ll need to make is your reclining position. At whatever point in your pregnancy feels right for you, you’ll need to lay on your side (instead of your back) to breathe.

How much time will this program take daily/weekly/monthly?

That answer is honestly up to you. The group breathwork calls will happen once monthly and be around 1.5 hours long. Your private coaching session will also happen monthly and be 1 hour long. The monthly workbook with a couple worksheets, journaling prompts, exercises, or rituals will take as much or as little time as you choose to put into it.

I don’t believe in busy work for busy work’s sake - everything included in this program is intentionally added to help you connect more deeply to yourself.

More client stories…


Maggie Gentry, Marketing Specialist and Speaker

"I'm always seeking new perspectives on how to incorporate more self-care into my life, and working with Amy was the perfect antidote to what I was craving. After following her for a while now, I was grateful to connect with her in such an intimate way. Amy helped me pull out some amazing insights that have helped me stay on a solid trajectory to reach my self-care goals. Through my work with her, I've started working on a new passion project that I'm so excited to launch. I feel like anyone who is seeking more knowledge on how to live a more purposeful life can get a lot out of working with Amy. I sincerely hope more people take the time to prioritize themselves - and get a little piece of the Amy K magic for themselves!"


Kate andrew, midwife

“Our sessions together shined a light on what self-care means to ME (hint: It’s different for everyone and there’s a big difference between self-care and health-care). Amy created an environment that made me feel safe and completely comfortable, and then went the extra mile by providing ongoing support which has helped me to continue to live my life and run my business in a way that feels GOOD - I feel better (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) than I have in a long time.” -Kate A., Midwife



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Also, a legal disclaimer:

As an intuitive healer, holistic coach and breathworker, it is my responsibility to show up and share my knowledge and guidance with you. It is your responsibility to show up and give our time together your full attention, because results are only possible when you're doing the work for yourself to move forward and make things happen. I cannot guarantee results, all I can guarantee is that I will bring 100% to our time working together—in the hopes that you will also.

As your coach, I am not responsible for any personal decisions you make and therefore am not liable for any results that may come from your decisions. 

Intuitive healing, holistic coaching and breathwork is not therapy or psychoanalysis and is not to be used in lieu of professional legal, financial, or medical advice.