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You have permission.

Last night, during the full moon, I decided to get a bit woo-woo. (No surprise there, right?)

I gathered a couple crystals, lit some candles, drew a bath, and looked back at 2016. My intention was to see what worked (and didn’t) for me last year and let that be a starting off point for my 2017 goals and intentions.

As I was scribbling away in my notebook I had a pretty big revelation.

See, I’ve always believed that clients came to me for help with their digestion. Their skin. Their anxiety. Their stress.  

But really what clients come to me for is permission.

Because so often they have the answers already inside of them. They just don’t feel that they have the right - the permission - to go down that path.

The path that allow them to be selfish and focus on themselves for once. The path where they easily say no to things that don’t light them up. (And yes to things that fill them with joy!) The path where it’s encouraged to feel their feelings.

The path where things move forward with ease and flow.

And I get it. It can be hard to feel like those things are okay. When we see other people sacrificing their health for their hustle - and achieving big things -  it can make us feel like we’re doing it wrong if we’re not struggling too.

So today I’m here to tell you that you have permission.

Permission to put yourself first.

Permission to be loved.

Permission to love yourself exactly as you are in this minute.

Permission to be powerful and have your voice heard.

Permission to be quiet and contemplative.

Permission to make your own rules in business and health.

Permission to define success on your own terms.

Permission to trust your inner voice over all the other noise.

And while I can give you permission over and over again, the most important person you need to hear this from is yourself.


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