But all too often we can't see our own answers clearly. We trust the judgements of others over the intelligence of our bodies. I'm here to cut out the noise and help you tap into the inner wisdom that will allow you to create the work and life you love.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners lead more intentional, caring, supportive lives through my podcast, workshops, acupuncture, private breathwork, and one-on-one coaching. And I’ve heard again and again how our work together has positively impacted their lives.

I’m here to help you navigate change with as much ease and grace as you can muster by being all of your human self. I’m here to help you stop giving away your power in healing. I’m here to help you heal yourself.

When we’re internally stuck, we’re externally stuck.

So I help womxn- and trans-identifying business owners move stuck energy, emotions, and old stories from the body with breathwork.

Breathwork opens your creative and intuitive channels. It invites in the trust, clarity, growth, evolution, success, and more that you desire. And it allows deeper relationship with your heart, your body, and your business.


My business story

Six years ago when I first started my private practice, I was so focused on growing a typical "successful" acupuncture practice that I never even stopped for a moment to figure out if that's what I really wanted.⠀

Fast forward four years and I hit a wall. I wasn't exactly burned out, since my health and energy were fine, but I was burned out on being in my office day in and day out. I loved supporting my patients' health outcomes, but I couldn't stand being so physically tied to my space in order to make a living.⠀

Incorporating online health coaching was the first move in helping me take steps back from clinic life. Then, merging my practice with Kim Christensen grow our business, Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, into a full on #cliniccoven gave me the support I needed to pull back even further. By the time I found breathwork and started incorporating that into my healing practice, I knew there was no going back to full-time clinic work.⠀

Then in the winter of 2018, when I got the intuitive hit that I was supposed to pull back my hours at the clinic even more, I was full of fear. Pull back to just two half days in the clinic?? How will I ever make enough money? What if my patients can't get in when they need to? I'll have to close my books to new acupuncture patients completely! SO. MANY. FEARS. But I trusted my gut and transitioned slowly to allow my nervous system to adjust along the way. ⠀

Little did I realize that so many other awesome opportunities would come my way once I opened up the space for them!! (Actually I did realize, I was just human and scared.)⠀

Nowadays, my average workweek looks the opposite of average.

On any given day I might…⠀

  • See patients at the clinic⠀⠀

  • Work with private virtual clients

  • Hold an online breathwork group⠀

  • Lead an in-person breathwork group

  • Lead an online workshop for someone else's community⠀

  • Go to a hotel to provide on-site support for a client who’s passing through town⠀

  • Have lunch with a dear old friend and start brainstorming a badass collaboration⠀

  • Have a #workwife day with some long-term visioning and brainstorming for the clinic


And I know this will continue to shift as I do. Because I’m right there in the thick of it just like you. Doing my shadow work just like you. Feeling my feelings just like you.

Needing support just like you.

Your ideal work will look different, and breathwork can help you discover what's true for you.

We're all in this together.


Core truths that inform my work:

+ Our physical, emotional, and business health are inextricably tied.

As creative entrepreneurs, we can’t separate our minds, our bodies, and our businesses. Each influences the other in so many ways. When our health is thriving, we are more able to fully show up in our businesses. And this begins with healing the energetic body. We hold the memory of trauma in our cells. To release these emotions, we have to fully feel them and let them move through our bodies, up and out.

+ And our emotional and physical health are at the basis of our business health.

We show up best for others and for our businesses when we’ve first shown up for ourselves. As creative entrepreneurs, we can't compartmentalize our work and life. Self-care as business-care is really tuning in and listening to your heart and giving yourself permission to follow its whispers, even when (especially when!) they feel like they live on the edge of possibility.

+ Healing is important to all humans, and business owners are humans.

Sometimes we tell ourselves we can hustle our way through anything, and while that may be true, we can only do that so much before we wear ourselves out. Just as people can be out of alignment or unwell, so can businesses. Both can benefit from healing.

+ We are our own best healers.

We know our bodies better than anyone else does. We don’t need someone else (or something else) outside of us to “heal” or “fix” us. We are built for self-healing. We have the power to change our thoughts, actions, feelings, and outcomes. And we’re worth it.

+ Healing isn’t linear – it’s spiralic.

There’s no end point, finish line, or race. Sometimes we have to let ourselves fall apart so we can build ourselves back up from scratch. This is true in both life and business.

+ Systemic oppression of marginalized groups creates trauma.

This trauma needs to be recognized and healing needs to be accessible. At the same time, those in power (white, cis, straight, colonizers) must take responsibility for dismantling occupations, settling, white supremacy, religious persecution, cis-straight heteronormative culture, and other harmful forms of systemic oppression.

+ Healing is a human right.

We were created whole and perfect, and through cultural conditioning and trauma parts of us feel as though they are being (or have been) chipped away. We are unconditionally worthy of love and support as we work through these things.

+ When it comes to making change, the small influences the large.

Influenced by the work of adrienne maree brown in Emergent Strategy, I'm interested in seeing how small actions we can take in our personal healing can influence the collective healing. How small donations by many can make this work accessible to all.

Professional bio

Amy Kuretsky is a licensed acupuncturist with the board of medical practice in Minnesota. She’s nationally board certified in Chinese herbs through NCCAOM, and in health coaching through International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching.

She graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2013 after being drawn into the world of natural medicine and acupuncture as a result of searching for a way to heal her own body from Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune disease of the digestive system.

She’s a certified Wellcoaches health coach after completing their health coaching for licensed health care professionals certification.

She studied breathwork with Erin Telford and David Elliott, and completed all four levels of David’s certified Healer training program.

She’s a level 2 Reiki healer after studying with Tanya Boigenzahn from Devanadi Yoga, and a Pranic Healing practitioner after studying with Dr. Jason Calva. She’s also an alumna of both the Brooklyn Fools and Tarot for the Wild Soul online tarot courses with Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsay Mack, respectively.

She co-owns Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, a natural medicine clinic, in Minneapolis, MN and has over eight years of other business and entrepreneurship experience.

When she’s not holding space for healing and helping, she can be found walking around in the woods with her partner and her dog, exploring the land and connecting with nature.