My monthly Medicine subscription is for anyone who craves access to deep healing from the comfort of their own home.


what is it?


In its simplest form, Monthly Medicine is a Breathwork subscription service.

On the first of every month you'll receive a full-length, intuitively guided Breathwork audio meditation along with a worksheet or ritual related to the same topic. While some months we'll focus on powerful astrological events (moon cycles, retrogrades, etc), other months we'll dive into subjects such as living with grief, safely witnessing our anger, attracting financial abundance, living with illness, and many more.

By joining my monthly medicine, you'll also have access to monthly LIVE calls with my community where you can ask questions related to your Breathwork experience, get direct access to my support, and breathe together as a group.

In its deepest form, it's an accessible and affordable tool for self-healing. 

Through this work you'll deeply connect with your own guides and do your inner healing work in the safety of your own space.

What's included?


Each month, on the first of the month, you'll receive an email with the following:

  • A short written or audio lesson around a topic of the month
  • A full-length Breathwork recording, working with the energy of the topic
  • A little extra: either a journaling prompt, ritual, or tarot spread to help you integrate the lesson even further
  • Access to an additional LIVE group Breathwork session and Q&A

Monthly Medicine is $9-18 per month. 

You may join Monthly Medicine at any time - the doors are always open and you may opt out at anytime. 

A note on pricing:  A big intention with this offering is to make my healing services as accessible and affordable as possible to everyone. Everyone has the right to healing. Yet historically, folks of color, queer and trans folks, and folks living with disabilities haven't had access to affordable health care in the same way that white, straight, able-bodied, cis-gendered folks have. If you identify with a historically marginalized group, please use the discount code JUSTICE50 for 50% off your subscription (forever). I am sharing this here with the belief that those who truly need this financial support will be able to use it without having to jump through hoops or gates to prove their "worthiness", while those who are more financially stable will understand the value of this work (and my time) and be honored to pay full price for it. I truly believe I am not naive in thinking this and I urge you to prove me right.

You're invited to join me in creating a self-care revolution.


I’ve been wanting to commit to a breathwork practice for some time now, but hadn’t found the right fit and didn’t really know where to start. Breathwork can feel like a pretty vulnerable thing and the idea of being in a class with others didn’t feel like the best fit. And a 1-1 session maybe felt a little too intimidating.

I was so grateful that Amy created her online breathwork recording that I could do from the comfort and safety of my own home. It was exactly what I needed and was looking for - a way to dabble in breathwork on my own terms.

In the recording, I appreciate how Amy walks you through the simple steps of breathwork; It feels like she is right there with you as you are going through the highs and lows of the experience. I also appreciate that I can continue a shorter version of this breathwork practice daily. Amy honestly gave me a tool that has become part of my daily wellness routine.
— Sandra Kermode

Wow. My first time listening to your Breathwork recording was a learning round, but it really dug deep for me, my grief and my mind.

When I participated in your shorter versions through the 7-day challenge it was an incredible awakening and meditation. It awoke my mind while clearing it of things holding me back from the work. (Business owner too!) I’m psyched to be doing this with you!

Breathwork is serious, intense, and necessary. I had no idea what to expect starting it This work rattles your core and pull things out that you didn’t know you were holding on to. The release is necessary - Definitely making this part of my monthly self/health-care.
— Erin Lowndes

I often find myself looking for ways to build on my super basic experience with alternative modalities. Amy’s New Moon Guided Breathwork was my first experience with this kind of healing work and I was moved in more ways than one. My intention for the recorded meditation was to just simply be open to trying something new, yet I came out of the experience feeling much more connected and literally buzzing with energy - it was so very powerful.
— Liz P