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I have had the pleasure of sharing even more about myself, about breathwork, and about supporting you and your health as a business owner on many podcasts - including my own! Here are a few of my favorite interviews to help you learn more about how my work and how breathwork can support you and your business.


health fuels hustle

Health Fuels Hustle is my health podcast for online business owners. After hearing of so many successful online business owners sacrificing their health to further their hustle, I was motivated to start sharing my own story of building a successful online business while living (and thriving!) with a life-long autoimmune disease. For the past five seasons, I’ve shared openly and honestly about running my business while supporting my health - and I’ve interviewed some of my favorite radical bosses in the process too! I believe that you are your business's most important asset. It's time to start treating yourself that way.


One Simple Shift -
POdcast iNterview

All too often, business owners tell themselves the story that they simply don’t have the time or money to invest in self-care right now. So in this episode we’re chatting about breathwork: an incredible way to connect with your intuition, work through stuck emotions that are holding you back in your business (like fear and self-doubt!), and unleash your potential in a whole new way. If you’re someone who feels like your own needs are constantly falling to the back burner while trying to get business results (but still not seeing the ones you want!) then this conversation around how health fuels hustle is for you.

w+w podcast.jpeg

Well + Weird -
POdcast interview

Breathwork helps you self-heal your body with the breath. This type of practice helps you experience an emotional release that is facilitated with love. It is especially helpful if you feel stuck in your life, have limiting beliefs you can't move past, if you feel difficulty in opening your heart or receiving love, or if you would like to release strong emotions like grief or anger. In this episode we dig into the roots of this style of breathwork, the actual mechanics of it, and how it can help you heal.


Living open -
Podcast interview

In this episode, we talk about: Decolonizing our healing practices. Holding supportive space for people as they move through big feelings. What my personal breathwork practice looks like. The resistance that can come up with breathwork and how to move through it. Connecting with tarot archetypes and embodying them with breathwork.

OTHER resources

I often get asked about healers I’ve worked with or systems I swear by in my business, so here’s a list of my faves. Each person or program listed here is someone I’ve worked with personally and absolutely love.

Acuity Scheduling // Online scheduler

Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts // Minneapolis based Acupuncture, cupping, herbs, Ayurveda

ConvertKit // Email marketing

Erin Aquarian // Tarot readings

Jeff Hinshaw // Soul-centered astrology + Tarot readings

Lindsay Mack + Tarot for the Wild Soul // Tarot teacher + course

Melodee Solomon // Photography

Mystical Mandrake Root // Astrology + Tarot readings

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener // Tarot readings + Magic based workshops + art

credit and inspiration

My work doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Many other teachers have influenced my work over the years.

Thank you to David Elliot and Erin Telford, who opened me up to breathwork and taught me how to soften and open my heart.

Thank you to Sarah Faith Gottesdiener for re-connecting me to my own internal and external cycles, and for always inspiring and reminding me that I can be a successful business owner by following my values.

And thank you to Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsay Mack for introducing me to a more loving teacher inside the tarot and being guiding lights in my life.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge the Community Acupuncture movement and POCA for instilling within me the trust that sliding scale models can be a supportive structure for both the giver and the receiver.