"Before we started our session, I was feeling really scattered - nervous, unsure, not even clear on what I wanted out of my session other than I wanted to feel BETTER. I had heard Amy speak before about the power of breathwork, but I wasn't sure if it was something that would work for me. Long story short: it absolutely helped, and I can't wait to do it again! 

By the end of our virtual session, I felt an immense sense of peace and as if the huge weight of anxiety had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt serene, joyful and more clear minded than I had in months. Since our session, I've come back to breathwork several times on my own whenever I feel like I need that sense of peace and grounding. Amy has such a gift for creating a seamless and soothing virtual experience. I highly recommend her services to my friends and to my own clients!"

- Laura Weldy, The Well Supported Woman

When I first heard Amy talking about Breathwork, I had no idea what she meant. As someone who literally holds my breath when stressed or excited, and even when breath support is essential (like exercise or walking up a flight of stairs), I knew I needed to learn to utilize breath to support me. As an empath and a BIG feeler, when she shared about the emotional aspect of Breathwork, I was sold.

During my session with Amy, I felt such a peace with her guidance. As suspected, I struggled with the breath some but Amy gently directed me in the breathing. She helped me get out of my head and into my heart. I realized I was carrying some emotional things that I had kept knocked down because I didn't have space or energy to really navigate them. As I shared a bit with Amy, she suggested ways I could feel and release those emotions. It was powerful and peaceful at the same time. I'm still learning to breathe, but I've had some epiphanies about how I hold my breath as a way of conserving energy or holding emotions and thoughts I can't quite organize yet. I'm looking forward to growing in Breathwork and have really appreciated Amy's direction in continuing a private practice and the beautiful playlist she shared to support it. I'm also really glad to know Amy is there when I need to dig in deeper. Her intuition and guidance is invaluable.

-Misty Bradley, Revel In Biz

"Before working with Amy I was feeling very stuck. I've been working to find my voice in numerous ways and this was just what I needed. Through the Breathwork session I was able to let go of physical tensions in my body by focusing on the energy of my breath. During our session I experienced a sensation in my neck at the base of my head that felt as though thousands of sparklers were holding me and supporting an inner voice that needed to be heard. Through that experience I could feel reluctance falling away. I am so grateful for this work and the space that Amy holds when I turn to her for help in healing."

- Cathlin Star, Walker Whole Health

I really didn't know what to expect going into the Breathwork session but Amy immediately helped me feel at ease and explained the process in a way that made me very comfortable. Amy has an amazing ability to immediately create an environment of trust and acceptance, which allowed me to get the most out of my session.

Prior to the session I felt very stagnant and stuck emotionally and as soon as the session ended I wanted to do it again! Once I surrendered to my breath and the process, I felt an emotional release and had a lot of emotional clarity over the next few days. I will definitely be booking another session with Amy and truly believe it's something that everyone should experience for themselves.

- Jennifer Kroiss, Kroiss Consulting

"Going into my breath work session I had no idea what to expect. I was listening to my bodies nudge that it wanted this experience of Breathwork with Amy. On my way to the session, I began paying close attention to the themes that were already beginning to come up in my physical world and body. The energy and warmth of the space had me feeling extra safe and with little instruction, we began the session.

I went through many waves of emotion - sadness, fear, joy, love, passion, and comfort to name a few. The guidance Amy provided was the perfect amount for it to feel very self led but super supported. During the session, she was reading my body and suggesting all the right things to deepen my experience and release. At the end of the session, you are free to relax and call in any guidance and clarity.

I happened to be in the middle of a big transition with lots of decisions to make. I got shown my exact path and within 3-4 days it physically manifested. Immediately after the session I felt a deep sense of clarity and more in my body."

- Vanessa Feils, Life Stylist

I would wholly recommend anyone try Breathwork with Amy. I'd done pranayama in yoga classes before, so I assumed upfront that doing a Breathwork session would basically be the same. But this was much better - it felt deeply cleansing in a way I didn't know I needed.

The Breathwork session was a concentrated and very powerful to time to allow myself to truly be and stay in my body. The practice itself felt unfamiliar at times, but Amy eased me into a rhythm and reassured me that there was no 'right' way to be. The experience was somehow both very calming and energizing. Happy tears leaked out of my eyes without even really knowing why, and my whole body buzzed with electricity. The fears I started with simply no longer seemed relevant, and by the end, I felt positively euphoric and more ready to move into action than I had in weeks, maybe even months.

- Iris Rankin, Project Intention

“I came to my Breathwork session after losing my father suddenly and unexpectedly. I was full of confusion, grief, sadness and mental and physical fog. During my Breathwork session, there were moments of intense sensations in my hands, wrists and forearms. I could feel tingling and old, familiar patterns of tension. As I continued to breathe, I realized that I could release that tension and that I didn't need to, literally, hold on to it anymore.

Towards the end of my session, my hands didn't feel as if they were my own and I was a bit worried - but only for a moment. I trusted the process and Amy's ability to hold space and allow me to experience whatever I was experiencing without judgement.  In the final minutes of the session, I was able to enter into a deep state of relaxation and the tension I had been feeling in my forearms and hands dissipated. I also experience some significant emotional releases during the session as well which felt amazing to process and release in such a profound and effective way. After Breathwork, I felt as if I was out of my body. I needed to sit down, drink some tea and ground myself before leaving the clinic space! I felt as if I had an entirely new body, or at the very least, all of my energy channels had gone through a major cleanse.

I left feeling clear-headed, grounded, renewed and excited about the possibilities to come! I was also full of gratitude after my session for Amy’s ability to hold such significant space in such a calm, nonjudgmental and beautiful way!”

- Emma Vasseur, Solcana Fitness

"Doing a Breathwork session with Amy was a powerful affirmation of my commitment to intuitive living. I sensed my intuition nudging me to book a session for about a month before I finally did, and I'm so glad I listened.

On the woo side, the session allowed me to connect with my long passed great-grandmother, a correspondence that I'd been seeking for a while. On the practical side, in the days following my session I found myself with a newfound ease in releasing things that do not serve me - everything from old posters I was hanging onto to unrealistic expectations of myself that made me feel hurried. I also left the session with a clear sense of knowing my next right step, which I take as a sign of feeling well supported enough to remain connected to spirit." 

- Barbara Erochina, Be With Coaching

Since my tarot coaching and Breathwork session, I feel that things are shifting and changing. My session with Amy really opened me up and helped things get unstuck. Since last week, I've able to focus on one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed by the whole picture. I've even been going through and paring down all my "stuff" without getting completely overwhelmed.

During the Breathwork part of our session, I had a beautiful vision of my small self standing in her power. She was standing tall, straight, with a gold halo around her head. I've been thinking about her and the words she spoke to me... That quiet voice is getting louder and I'm listening now. That vision, voice, and message was the biggest gift I could have received.

- Pamela Leatherman, desginer

I've been wanting to commit to a breathwork practice for some time now, but hadn't found the right fit and didn't really know where to start. Breathwork can feel like a pretty vulnerable thing and the idea of being in a class with others didn't feel like the best fit. And a 1-1 session maybe felt a little too intimidating.

I was so grateful that Amy created her online Breathwork recording that I could do from the comfort and safety of my own home. It was exactly what I needed and was looking for - a way to dabble in Breathwork on my own terms.

In the recording, I appreciate how Amy walks you through the simple steps of Breathwork; It feels like she is right there with you as you are going through the highs and lows of the experience. I also appreciate that I can continue a shorter version of this Breathwork practice daily. Amy honestly gave me a tool that has become part of my daily wellness routine.

- Sandra Kermode, family/teacher/school coach and consultant

Wow. My first time listening to your Breathwork recording was a learning round, but it really dug deep for me, my grief and my mind.

When I participated in your shorter versions through the 7-day challenge it was an incredible awakening and meditation. It awoke my mind while clearing it of things holding me back from the work. (Business owner too!) I’m psyched to be doing this with you!

Breathwork is serious, intense, and necessary. I had no idea what to expect starting it This work rattles your core and pull things out that you didn’t know you were holding on to. The release is necessary - Definitely making this part of my monthly self/health-care.

- Erin, Plain with Sprinkles

My breath work session with Amy was so insightful; I'm still raving about it to all of my boss friends. I'd done breath work before but this completely changed my self-care game.

Leading up to our session I knew I was having some trust issues; that I should trust myself, my skills, my direction, but until our session that trust piece didn't feel like it was really in reach. Whatever happened energetically during our session shook the walls of my belief system around trust & abundance. I know I still have some work to do but the idea of trust actually feels real now.

I've now begun to notice when old beliefs come up -and just like I would with diet culture- I've been calling that sh*t out. Whereas before I wasn't even noticing those beliefs creep in. Our session brought me more awareness around my beliefs and cleared out a whole bunch of emotional blockages for me to be able to rewire those beliefs.

- Holly Lowery, eating disorder recovery coach and anti-diet advocate