Most of us weren’t taught or shown how to feel our feelings in a safe and acceptable way. So when feelings arise that bring up discomfort or that we just don’t have the resources to deal with, we push them down. We consume in all sorts of ways to put as much on top of them as possible – to keep them from rising up into our hearts and being truly felt.

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in fantasyland and could digest those feelings like we do our food? We’d poop them out and move on forward! Alas, we live in the real world and that’s not how it works. #wishfulthinking

In our world, once we push these feelings down they cozy up and make a home deep inside of us. To fully process these feelings and heal, we have to let them rise up, pulling them up and out of our belly, feeling them in our heart, and letting them go – layer by layer – until they’re outside of us.

Breathwork helps us do just that.


But how does it work?

Breathwork moves stuck emotions by tapping into our limbic brain – our emotional center – where we feel, process, and release our emotions and very old hurts. The deeper we get into the breath, the more our conscious brain takes a backseat to the wisdom of our body. We start to release trapped energy and even trauma from the body, often through physical sensations such as vibrating or slight shaking of the body. Sometimes we can even have slightly psychedelic experiences in breathwork, all without the use of any substances! Our own energy and breath to do all the work

Because our conscious brain is taking a break, messages from our highest self, from past loved ones, and from the divine often come through loud and clear during breathwork (some of my most intuitive hits have happened during my own breathwork practice). And then we get a deep, restorative passive rest period so that our brains can "turn back on" and we can begin to ground back into our bodies.


Breathwork is especially helpful when you:

  • Are going through a transition, and need help feeling aligned and clear about where you are and where you’re going.

  • Have a general idea for a business or a new idea for your current business, but need insight and clarity to fully define it.

  • Are at a crossroads, and are looking for support about which direction to go in.

  • Are going through a crisis, and need more support and clarity about how to navigate this change.

  • Know you need to make a change, but feel afraid to surrender control and take the leap.

  • Feel stuck, and need help feeling aligned, connected, and excited.

  • Have done a lot of therapy, and have either hit a plateau or found it less helpful than you’d hoped.

  • Are struggling with the anxiety and terrible gut feeling that stems from the weight of “should” and “have to” in the creative entrepreneur world, and need help feeling aligned, connected, and excited.

  • Want to feel more universally supported.


Breathwork can help you:

  • Unleash your business’s potential and take big steps forward.

  • Detangle your own self-worth from your productivity.

  • Learn how to tap into your power and healing potential and embrace the enormity of your energy and your power.

  • Show up, face your fears and dreams, and trust that you’ll come out the other side still standing.

  • Open your creative channel and feel inspired.


My breathwork story

The first time I did breathwork, I didn’t know what to expect. I tried it because an acupuncturist I followed online was offering it and I was curious. I went in open-minded, but had no idea what was coming.

The experience blew my mind and totally changed the direction of my life.

During the first session, I started to feel a lot of sensation in my face and hands. I got really  distracted because I was feeling my energy move in ways I’d never felt before – even from acupuncture!

I very specifically felt it along one acupuncture channel – the heart meridian (from my pinky finger into my armpit). Because my brain likes to analyze and control, I found myself over-thinking the experience while I was still in it, and wondering what was going on inside my body.

When it was time to let go of the active breath and enter the rest period, I was only able to rest for a couple minutes because I started to get flooded with messages, images, and ideas. It was all so vivid and clear, and I had to sit up and start writing it all down. I don’t normally recommend this to my clients, but at the time I didn’t know any better and was so full of inspiration I had to get it all out on paper.

Usually my intuition comes in through words and phrases, but this time I clearly saw myself surrounded by a group of womxn around a fire, in Joshua Tree, doing breathwork. I knew right then and there that I was meant to bring breathwork to my community.

That session planted the seed for leading my first retreat, which changed so much of my business, and opened me up to this other way of connecting to my intuition.

What I didn’t do in the first session was release deeply stuck emotions.

A lot of people have an emotional reaction during their first breathwork experience, but not everyone’s subconscious feels totally safe to do so their first time.  From a very early age I wasn’t comfortable expressing emotions – it didn’t feel safe. I vividly remember little Amy only feeling safe to cry when she was hiding on the floor of her bedroom, in the small space between the bed and the wall, cocooning herself from all sides. 

Holding in all these tears and all these emotions over 20 years created a lot of energetic stagnation in my gut – planting the seeds for a physical health breakdown and eventual Crohn’s disease diagnosis at age 21. All those years of pushing my feelings down and not feeling safe to feel created a ripe environment for disease to thrive. Through breathwork, I began the process of healing these emotional and energetic wounds – which in turn has helped the physical healing I started with acupuncture and herbs.

So while a lot of people have the intense emotional experience the first time, for me it was like an onion.

My first session opened me up to my energy and intuition in a different way. And then through practice and repetition I got to the point of knowing it was safer to feel my feelings – and let them move through me instead of staying stuck inside me.

This was all unfolding as I was doing work with Barbara Erochina and with a group of women I feel comfortable being vulnerable in front of – breathwork can work in partnership and in tandem with other tools we use.

But of all the things I’ve tried, breathwork has been my best teacher as I have become my own healer. Through it I have learned how to expand my capacity for trust, love, and receiving. It’s taught me how to constantly strive to be in right relationship with the world. It’s helped me bridge the gap between the separateness of my body, mind, and spirit.

Breathwork has been an incredible teacher for me and I’m so excited I get to share it.


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