I work with creative entrepreneurs through the breath.

Of course, we all breathe.

But most of the time we’re not very connected to our breath. We often hold our breath without even realizing it. And when we do that we’re guarding our emotional bodies, our physical bodies, our creative bodies. This, in turn, limits our growth, our creativity, our success.

The breathwork I practice is an active meditation to help move stuck emotions in the body. When we allow the tears to come up, the anger to come up, the laughter to come up, we release things that are trapped in all of our bodies.

This open flow of breath and emotions in the body gives us a greater sense of trust in our decision-making, and therefore a greater sense of trust in our business. When we open our creative channel with the breath, new and exciting ideas spring forth. We begin to trust that even when things feel scary, we have the internal resources to continue on the path.

By allowing this full inner expression of ourselves to come out, we create positive waves that expand into every different part of our lives and businesses. We change the way we feel in our bodies, the way we manifest things in our lives, and the way we connect to our intuition and creativity in our businesses.

Whatever you’re experiencing, the business and personal are intertwined. Healing in one supports healing in the other.

how breathwork can meet you where you are:

Maybe you’re going through a business pivot, finding yourself in a cycle of disappointment around not meeting your goals, or facing burnout because you’re hustling hard in your business but it’s not fueling you emotionally or energetically.

Or maybe a relationship is beginning or ending, you’re experiencing or anticipating new parenthood, or you’re faced with the death of a family member, unpacking old trauma, or astrological transitions like Saturn return.

Even as this is happening, you’re trying so hard to keep it all together for your business. You may be the only person in your life that you (or others!) can count on, so you consistently push aside your feelings and worries to help those around you and make sure the boat always stays afloat.

This patterning leads to the false belief that you’re not allowed to ever show a crack in your strong emotional facade. You hear “softness is strength, vulnerability is valued,” and believe it for others, not yourself. I know how this feels. I’m not immune to it either. And I know how powerful it can be to invite in support, from other humans, from supportive practices like breathwork, and from yourself.


6 weeks of private 1:1 coaching

You get my undivided attention, weekly, to talk about where you are and what you’re struggling with. I call on my tools as a coach to help you get to the root and craft a plan forward. Then we breathe. After breathwork, I pull a few tarot cards to invite in support and messages from Spirit and share those messages with you. Within this coaching container you also receive video messaging support between sessions.

One-on-one work is great when you:

  • Thrive with personal attention and thoughtful reflection

  • Need extra support with emotional labor/processing

  • Want the inclusion of tarot and/or personal coaching

  • Struggle committing to a breathwork practice of your own

Exchange is $600. I’m currently booked out through March of 2020, but would love to chat with you about working together Spring of 2020.

Public group events

Magic happens when people do breathwork in a group. A wave of energy moves through the room as Spirit works through the group and people awaken to their own personal healing power. When resistance comes up, the collective energy of the group helps move everyone through together.

A group event is great when you:

  • Are prioritizing accessibility and affordability - as I always strive to make healing more available to all

  • Desire the inherent permission that being in a room with others who are also feeling the energy brings forward

  • Want to be in community and meet others who prioritize self-healing

Private groups

Doing breathwork in a group asks you to be vulnerable around others in a way that can bring people closer together. It deepens trust, relationship, and community. I also incorporate tarot so that each participant gets even more personal support from Spirit.

A private group event is great for:

  • Team or partnership growth

  • Moon circles

  • Celebrating milestones, like solar returns

  • Deepening trust in communities

I would love to brainstorm creative ways to use breathwork with you. I’m also available for travel!


Elements I bring into my work


My work is a blend of all the tools I’ve studied over the years. Some of the elements I bring into my sessions are:


This is the core practice we do together, our way into the body and into the heart.

Business advising
I’m a Capricorn rising and can’t help but have a very strategic mind, so brainstorming and talking about business all day is my idea of a good time. (I’m obviously very fun at parties.)

Coaching psychology
This is about understanding why we do the things we do, finding our own internal motivation and encouragement to make positive change, and changing our thought patterns to do just that.

Tarot is a reflection of where you are through a supportive lens. I often pull cards for the individual or collective group during breathwork sessions, knowing that Spirit is sending messages through me that can deeply touch each person.

Five element theory and Chinese medicine
Our human nature is reflected in actual nature. By observing the natural world, we can find perfect analogies for what we’re moving through and experiencing – as well as support to rely on. I use these as a frame of reference when talking about patterns we see in our bodies, our healing, and our businesses.