hi, im amy

I help creatives like you find your own brand of balance and Healing.

Because your vision of health is as unique as you are.


See, wellness isn’t just about your physical body — it’s about your emotional and energetic bodies, too.

I believe that to change your physical health, you first have to change your emotional and energetic wellbeing. So I use healing tools like breathwork, collaborative coaching, and tarot to help you do just that.


Want to learn more?

Check out some of the content I’ve created for health-conscious creatives just like you.



Where I share my take on prioritizing your health, natural wellness, and the magical element of mind/body/spirit medicine.


I host Health Fuels Hustle, a podcast all about living a healthier life as a creative.

Health Notes

Every Wednesday I send inspirational musings to my community via Health Notes - my weekly letter sharing my take on how to live the work/life blend.