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As a licensed acupuncturist and holistic health coach, my guidance and support is about helping you find your own brand of balance - what keeps you vibing high - so that you can be your healthiest self. 


Our energy is the source of everything we do. When we can tap into that energy, we are truly able to create a life and work we love.

It’s time to feel connected to your source energy—from within yourself and with the universe. You can be a vibrant outward expression of that energy. Because as you thrive, so does your business and your life.



Our bodies have an innate ability to heal - but sometimes need a little push. Acupuncture stimulates the internal healing potential and well being—as a whole being.


Health Coaching

For the artistic, driven, purposeful creatives—our health fuels our hustle. Clients, projects, jobs - they all come and go, but we only have on body. Let 's treat it well. 


Working with Amy has helped me build on strengths I didn't realize I had! She has even helped me unlock a confidence in cooking I never had before. Her support, encouragement, and health care experience has already changed my life in a way that I couldn't fully grasp before. Not only am I craving healthier foods - I'm actually excited to cook them too! Also, anxiety has ruled my life for as long as I can remember and since working with Amy, it’s affected me a lot less. I love that Amy really got to know me as a unique person - making sure to give the best advice, guidance and tips for me as an individual. She doesn’t provide a one-size-fits all service because she recognizes that every human is unique!

Jessica Bramlett, Branding designer for creatives


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