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hi, im amy

I help creative business owners cultivate a deeper relationship with their heart, body, and business.

Because your business doesn’t need a fix.
It needs trust and support.


I’m here to help you, a whole-hearted human, be a better business owner.

Through breathwork we can re-wire your limiting thoughts, inspire motivational feelings, and take impactful action to transform how your business supports you and how you support those you serve.

Together, we will change your business outcomes by changing your mind.

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trust yourself + your business more today

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Start feeling more connected to yourself and your business choices today! Breathwork is the number one way to connect you to your trusted, inner mentor who can guide you through the woods of confusion and doubt when you’re running a business.


Health Fuels Hustle is a podcast all about running a healthy, heart-centered business in a new paradigm. Each season, I share what I’ve learned about self-coaching, self-care, and business in over a decade of being an entrepreneur in the wellness industry.


Every month I hold in-person and online live breathwork groups to help folks heal, trust, and get inspired. Whether you’re interested in group breathwork as a form of community self-care, or prefer to breathe from the comfort of your own home, I have a live group for you.